COLOR CAPSULES - Pink, Coral, Cream, and Olive meets Blue, White, Maroon, and Gray

                                                                Color inspiration

Last year I made a capsule wardrobe based on the cool colors of blue, white, and gray with some accent pieces in maroon.  I love most of the clothes but wanted to break away a bit from the icy feel of the snowy colors (maroon notwithstanding).  Here is my working plan from that capsule-you can see that not every square is filled/done.  I plan to merge this with a new capsule.

I went on an Itch to Stitch pattern binge recently and auditioned a few new to me patterns.  Here is a cardigan from Itch to Stitch, in PINK, and a great bridge to the new capsule.  It will go well with the gray pants, white linen shorts, over the floral shell, and over the ivory shell.  I really enjoyed making the cardigan and love the color.  It surprised me that it worked as it looked like a wholelotta pink before construction.  

So, now I had some pink happening in my wardrobe and started to look for other places to use both it and coral.  Playing it conservatively, I used stash fabric and a used pattern to see what happened with coral.  (Coral gauze and Christine Jonson's Inset Jacket #115)

First up----->coral and olive.  I like it 😎 

What about pairing it with the wide legged gray pants?  ummm, not so great. 👎

The coral jacket goes super with olive, navy blue, denim, and black.  It's bright but a good vacation piece for hot weather.  It traveled to Sedona, AZ and Santa Fe, NM this summer.  

Now that the colors were partially integrated, it was time to plan.  I love using all my teacher skills in planning to develop wardrobes and capsules with stash fabrics and stash patterns.  This plan stays taped above my sewing machines so I am reminded to stay within the plan for now.  By the way, I keep all my old wardrobe plans and capsule plans in digital format.  

Here is the Pink, Coral, Cream, and Olive capsule:

You can see that the shorts #1 and pants #3 will be in solids which will be usable in both capsules.  Tops #2, #4, #5, and #7 will be in prints using pink, coral, cream and olive.  Fabric #6 may become a solid tee, or a cardigan, or be used as accents on the print tees.  

Developing a color palette, and finding fabrics which reflect the colors in a flattering way takes me a long time.  The lion's share of this work is done, and now all I need is to sew most of the pieces.  Next up----->choosing styles and patterns that will make a cohesive capsule.  

What do you think of these colors?  Have you added colors to your own wardrobe which are a risk for you, or a little bit outside your comfort zone?  How do you plan additions to your closet and to your developing style?

Be well!  Mary


  1. I thirst for color in my wardrobe, just for the top half of my body: only black from waist down. "Black from the waist down" really simplifies life! I love the color combinations that Gudrun Sjoden shows and plan to incorporate pieces where I can mix different colors together, hopefully 3 or 4 at a time. Shirt, vest, jacket, scarf each enlivening the other colors. All solid colors, except for a few dots or stripes.

  2. Your coral blouse and long skirt are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, I meant to mention the awesome pink top too. 🌞


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