Hope springs eternal

New patterns and new choices abound with the release of Butterick spring collection as well as McCall's spring collection.    Once I signed up again for an account, I set up my wishlist.  My goodness but these styles are ladylike!  I live a casual and sporty life and though I sometimes dream of being sophisticated, it is true that my days are spent in breeches or loose pants.  So, the Butterick offerings include only 4 patterns that I might be able to integrate into my closet.

First up is B 6740 wardrobe which includes a duster style coat, jacket, shell, and pants.  Princess seams on the coat and jacket, cute detailing on the shell, and the pants have a contoured waistband.  Win!

Next up is B 6732 blouse, an empire blouse with a variety of necklines and sleeve choices.  I think this will be great for the summer.  

Another nice blouse pattern is B 6731.  The shaping in this blouse comes from a tie in the front, leaving the back somewhat less fitted.  I like the sleeve options and just love the front tie.  

My last choice is based on what I'd like to sew, but probably wouldn't wear much.  The pantsuit option in B 6739 is so pretty and would be fun to make in a colorful crepe.  

Flounces, flowers, and femininity are center stage on the McCall's page.  Cute patterns if I were quite a bit younger.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the sewing community embraces these styles-they are perfect for summer casual.  I did find one dress which could work on a 65-year-old living the retired life...M 8090 #Marina  Imagine, though, that I have come home from being at the barn in 100+ F, jumped in the shower, and then slipped this on.  This could get close to Mrs. Roper without attention to fabric choice and the correct accessories!  

The new BMV site is cleaner and easier to navigate.  I like the changes.  I think we are going to see a more specialized approach to style, with Butterick being work/career, McCall's aiming for the younger sewer, and Vogue for cocktail/glamour/high style.  KwikSew? 


  1. Hi Mary, thought I would check out what you've been doing on your blog, as it has been a while. Hope you are fine. I like the two tops you featured here; I could see myself sewing and wearing either of them, although at the moment I certainly have nowhere to wear them.

  2. Hope you are doing OK Mary. It has been a very long time. Are you good? I miss you. Karen Teel

    1. Thank you! I am well and hope you are too. I am in the middle of a redesign of this blog. I hope to find a way to use it as conversation and communication again. I have taken a break from social media but will return.

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