Wednesday, July 10, 2019



 Join me in the cabin at Mabel Dodge Luhan House, built many years ago, but still very comfortable. 

I was in Taos for a Design Outside the Lines retreat, led by Diane Erickson with guest teacher Bettina Matzkuhn. 

Diane designs both patterns and stencils and is a gifted teacher as well as an incredible artist. She is published in Threads, Vogue Patterns, Craft Stylish and Sew News.  Her work can be seen on her website  Diane Ericson-Design Outside the Lines.

 Bettina is a textile artist based in VancouverBCShe stitches stories and maps using embroidery stitches, paint and collage, with a  grounding in ecology, meteorology, and geology. Her website can be found here Bettina Matzkuhn                 

We spent a week playing in the studio, painting fabric, stenciling, doing slow stitch, looking at Diane's gorgeous designs, and watching wonderful slide shows of Bettina's work.  One of the fantastic parts of the week for me was seeing Bettina's maps, which are gloriously detailed and quite whimsical. 

Diane continues to inspire me, for her ability to see possibilities with almost any piece of cloth.  Her approach to draping is so intuitive and free-I admire her fearlessness!

Here are some pics of some of my works in progress from Taos.  I am assembling a book with pages of combined paper collage and fabric.  I'm still working out how best to marry these 2 textures and if indeed I really want to!  

Collage-paper on muslin with acrylic paint 


Painted linen with collaged frame

Painted landscape on linen with collaged elements and stitching


In sewing news, I have lots to share: a linen top with stenciled designs, a linen shirtdress which is sure to be a favorite, and a new riding top using quilting cotton (oh, the horror!).  :-)  Stay tuned and I'll get those pics up in a day or so.  Let me leave you with a pretty picture of the Rio Grande--->


  1. Your artwork is beautiful! And how lucky you are to have the opportunity to take part in such a retreat.

    1. Thank you Irene. I am slowly building competence and a personal style. I usually make abstract art and so representational art is very intimidating.

  2. So envious if your DOL experience in Taos. I have been lucky enough to do two of the autumn Ashland retreats and know what a fabulous experience they are. Wonderful to see your art evolving and your confidence growing.

    1. Thanks tpotty28 for visiting and for your comments. Ashland would be fun, especially with
      the Shakespeare festival.


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