Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I'm cold

It was 34F this morning and I am still cold.  Having spent my entire adulthood in northeastern Washington and central Oregon, this surprises me.  A sunny day and above freezing was cause for celebration and an outdoor ride.  Today I am inside and cozy in my new sweater.  

Yep, a new top and here is the expanded review:

Itch to Stitch Bellavista top
⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐out of 5
Suitable for beginners on up
Great instructions, except for Step 9.  It states:  

"Arrange Cowl so that it is double layered with the right sides outside. It is a loop and resembles a funnel. Press. Baste the two layers of raw edges together." 

It can be improved by labeling the neck edge and the center back. If you have experience, you will arrange the cowl with the center back seam away from you and the two shoulder notches at your hands holding the cowl as you pin it to the bodice. A beginner to cowls might get confused about turning it right side out and then re-orienting it 90 degrees. 

Why I chose this pattern:
I was drawn to the envelope cover, which is lovely. 
I like the generous cowl, and I became more and more in love with the knit used for the cover.  I cannot wear that color (It would be "Where's Mary?") and I would need to adjust the cowl as I am petite.  Time went on and the rational side of my brain took charge.  I needed either black, grey, or vibrant colors.  I needed a smaller cowl, and I needed a bit more length.  

Searching, I found this outfit in Soft Surroundings.Onto a muslin and alterations to make it as close as possible to the inspiration piece and to fit me.

Working with Itch to Stitch PDF patterns:
What a treat!  This pattern line includes layers in the PDF, so you can print only the size you need.  Nicely organized, and includes good directions for printing and assembling your pattern.

Sizing for this pattern:
This is a close fit through the shoulders and upper bust, and then a gentle swing silhouette below.  I used a size 2, which includes finished measurements of  
37 1/4"- 39 1/8"- 49 3/8" 

This is a fast pattern to sew and very cozy.  I am a fan of this pattern line and cannot wait to make another Bellavista!


  1. It looks so good on you, Mary! But then again, you are a fantastic model. ;-)

  2. But it's going to warm up tomorrow, weatherman says 70F. We lit the pellet stove yesterday and today to take the chill off but the sunshine after lunch was just gorgeous. Nice top. Hope you enjoyed the ride.
    Theresa in Tucson

  3. As you know I have had trouble commenting on Blogger and so I am going g to have a go using Anonymous, as you suggested, although I din’t really like being ‘anonymous’

    Here is my comment again.

    I love Itch to Stitch patterns, I have several and that layering is a real bonus. All pdf patterns should be the same. You said that the cover photo colour didn’t suit you but it looks to me like you made almost the same colour and it looks fine on you. Perhaps it is just in the photos it looks the same. It is hovering around 0 degrees here in the U.K. but it is bright and sunny so I have wrapped up and walked along the beach today. Gorgeous

    Jenny Larking

  4. So lovely. I really like the way you lengthened it. So much more elegant. I may have to try this pattern.

  5. You and your top look great Mary!!

  6. you don't look cold in your new sweater. xo you look beautiful

  7. Looks nice. So are you saying the moisture in the air keeps up warm in Oregon?


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