Monday, October 29, 2018

Attitude and The Dude

I would love to have this attitude, but I am strung a bit tighter than The Dude.  There is a lot to love about this movie (The Big Lebowski) and this approach to life's challenges. Me, I sew. 

I absolutely LOVE this blouse by Love Notions.  It was a bit fiddly to manage in polyester but I have a colorful winter blouse which will go with jeans or slacks.  oops, where is my head?  I highly recommend the Rhapsody pattern by Love Notions.  My review can be found on PR.

I also completed the Walter pattern by Silhouette.  This is a take on a Walter Finley blouse sold in department stores for $$$.  It is a more upscale style of shirt than I usually wear and I think it will be great for Thanksgiving at the clubhouse-I'll wear it with jeans and boots.  

After shirtmaking (Walter's blouse) and teeny tubes of polyester (Rhapsody blouse), I needed something easy.  A tee, of course.  

This is a take on the Marcy Tilton pattern V9057.  Here I threw it on over some voluminous knit pants for a PR is a bit more flattering than this.  I made changes in the drape by adding an inch as if for a full tummy. 

Another tee is in my closet-I tried the Urban tee by Sewing Workshop.  I really like the design and while my use of rib knit isn't perfect, I am happy enough to wear this tee for errands or cool mornings.  Reviewed on PR. 

I have yards of grey/navy scuba and my next project was fast and used up a bit of this fun knit.  Why I have scuba when I live in the desert is beyond me...I must have ordered it while sleepwalking.  Anyway, here it is made up as V8430, another Marcy Tilton pattern.  This took about 2 hours with the scuba since I did not hem any of it.  My only change was to add cuffs.  Reviewed on PR.
In the middle of this sewing frenzy, I started working on some collage papers in anticipation of a bigger project.  I'll update you as it develops.  Here are some snapshots of WIP:

See you later, and remember, The Dude abides.


  1. Some lovely makes Mary! I think they were running the Big L this past weekend. Did you catch it?

    1. No, but Netflix would probably have it. We have been watching Bodyguard...really good.

  2. I love the blue blouse - totally my colors . You don't look so bad yourself. lol

  3. Love all your tops! Can't decide which is my favourite.

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