Thursday, September 6, 2018


There has got to be a better way.  Look at this-patterns, reference books, notes from articles, hints, and tips with highlighting.  It's like graduate school of sewing.  

 I started with The Sewing Workshop pattern Mimosa top and pants. These pants are described as straight legged with contour waist and facing. They sit 1" below waist, include front and back darts and side zipper.  Simple.  hahaha

I must confess that the Mimosa pants are still in muslin stage.  I have made three muslins so far this summer and really, I have just lost my focus.  As can be seen in the photo above, even my last muslin was far too wide in the legs (that is what the blue tape is highlighting).  So, I decided to put everything away and make something else.  

These 2 pairs of shorts are from M 6930 View A 
I have almost nailed the fit on these so my next attempt at long pants will be using this pattern.  Wish me luck!

Besides crotch curves and back darts, my husband and I took a 2-week vacation in upper Michigan and into Ontario.  We stayed in a variety of settings- motel, B&B, AirB&B, and in a loft above a boathouse.  We had a fantastic time and soaked up as much water and trees as possible before returning to the Sonoran desert.  


  1. I posted a comment and it appeared but when I came back it had gone. Weird? Anyway, good luck with the pants.

    I live near the sea, on the south coast of England and have lived near water most of my life so I can’t envisage living in a desert area. How do you get your water - do you have large dams and reservoirs or do you have it piped in from a distance? Perhaps you have to be very careful with your use of it?

    1. Hi Jenny, Our water in southern AZ comes from the Colorado River, through an aqueduct system, as well as a reinjection of stormwater into wells deep underground. We are water conscious...for example my neighborhood does not allow water features or lawns. We get lots of water during monsoon season but are still developing ways to harness it.

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    1. I have great hopes for a wearable pair of pants. :-)

  3. How lovely you and hubby travelled for a bit! Up north, a small respite from the heat. I sometimes dream of going way up north, really north, to be alone, cool, calm, and retrospective :-)Sewing Workshop - I always make the smallest size, else I'll be overwhelmed :-)

    1. Coco, I am a true medium from waist to hips, or a size 8-10 RTW. SW patterns swamp me above but pants are a mystery so far. I do know that they are drafted for a larger figure than my own, and definitely larger than you.

      We enjoyed the getaway and I'll post a travelogue in a few days. I loved the area and Ontario was magical. We have talked about traveling up to Nova Scotia and I hope we can manage that in the next few years. Florida is so tropical so I know you feel the same about a cool vacation. :-) Our temps are similar but lordy, the sun is a killer here. I live for shade.


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