Friday, July 27, 2018

It's a wild world

I'm writing a pants post and like fitting pants, the writing of it is taking some time.  Enjoy some wildlife from my neighborhood while you wait.
Gambel's quail saying hi to me. 
Bobcat kitten
Palo verde toppled by the last monsoon
Neighbors are watering the wildlife
teeny, tiny cactus
Rhus lancea, or African sumac bites it in the last monsoon

Javelina, the delinquents of the neighborhood
King snake-the best to have in rattlesnake country


  1. Fun to see your different world! (I tried to email you about horse stuff, but never heard back from you so suspect I have an old email addy.)

  2. I could watch Gambel's quails for hours! They're so cute when they scurry around. The javelinas -- not so much! ;)

  3. So interesting! Such an interesting looking spot.

  4. It’s been a wild monsoon season . Snakes aren’t my fav but I do love when I see javelina . The baby javelina are cute but so blind & dumb 🌵🌵🤣

  5. The quail is a hoot or is a chirp or???? My fav is the bobcat "kitten". I bet it's eyeing up javelinas already.

  6. Test comment for notification fix.

  7. Love them all! such diversity, thks for sharing.

  8. I am enjoying these, except the snake 😁


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