Monday, June 18, 2018


Aug 2014
The rains beat wildly
against the hard earth;
seeking entrance to the womb
that gave them birth.

Causing flash flooding,
in gullies all around;
minor flooding in
several parts of town

The gusty winds blow
havoc,  with all things light;
enabling some of them,
to rise in unexpected flight.

Tumbling in the rain swept street,
they spin and race in fury;
like startled things they fly,
in one big, storm-filled hurry.

Monsoons hit the Arizona plains,
dust storms, hail and lightning,
thunder booms her mighty voice,
when close, it's rather frightening.

by David Lessard (Prescott, Arizona)


  1. And wasn't Saturday's rain wonderful!
    Theresa in Tucson

    1. I was in Utah, but saw that we got .8 inch or so. My yard loojed wonderful when I got back.Stay cool!


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