Saturday, May 12, 2018

righteous anger

I just posted an infographic highlighting the numerous connections between Trump and the Russians.  The story is becoming very complex, but I think the infographic is helpful because it divides the various relationships into categories.  

Gazprom (and Rosneft)--->energy 

DST--->technology (including Facebook and Twitter)

VTB--->second largest Russian bank, connected to En+

En+ Group and Rusal----> major investment companies

Bank of Cyprus----> conduit for millions paid to Manafort and well known as the place to launder money.   Wilbur Ross, our Sec of Commerce, served on the Board until March 2017.

Access Industries--->campaign contributions to numerous Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Scott Walker etc.  Oh, and Trump and McCain and others. Russian oligarch Blavatnik contributed 1 million bucks to the Inaugural Committee.  Blavatnik and Vekselberg own most of Rusal and Vekselberg is the largest shareholder of the ...guess what bank....yes, Bank of Cyprus!

Columbus Nova--->US arm of Velselberg's companies Renova Group.  

I am appalled at the fact that Trump was able to hoodwink the voters into believing he would "drain the swamp".  This IS the swamp-these beyond rich "people" are slowly amassing most of the wealth in this world, in a ploy for domination.  

In the meantime, child labor laws are being relaxed and your 17 year old kid will now be expected to run heavy machinery for minimum wage.  Black and brown people are being harassed on a daily basis in public places in America, while the police do the bidding of the masters.  Healthcare is becoming even more unaffordable, and fresh food will soon be very expensive as we have slowed down guest visas.  Gas prices are rising-hmmm see the first category-and whatever tax benefit you got from that attempt to buy us, well, it will get eaten up in transportation costs.  

Stay home and use the computer.  Check out Facebook and Twitter and Instagram for some cheap entertainment.  Continue to stay asleep even while using platforms owned partially by these Russian oligarchs and their Silicon Valley hacks.  

What has happened to America?  Universe, help us rediscover our hopes and dreams and generosity of spirit.  


  1. There's a new article in the Washington Post called "Loyalty, Unease in Trump's Midwest - Voters gave him a chance." Some remain all in. Others have grown weary. It's a very enlightening article about who voted for Trump in the Midwest - who is still in his corner and who is ready to dump him. Mostly it says that his core believers are still in his corner as he robs them blind. Though if net neutrality goes away people won't even be able to stay home and use their computers because they won't be able to pay for internet service or access their favorite sites anymore.

    And as a person of color whose life and families lives have been adversely affected by this Administration, I know what's happened to America and it ain't pretty!

    1. Carolyn, I skimmed it and hope that with the tariffs, the farmers and ranchers will rise up. In the meantime, we must all support one another and do what we can to protect who is being targeted. I am sick from all this hate.

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  3. I watch and listen with horror at what is happening daily in your country. Unfortunately it isn't only your country being affected, the entire world is feeling the impact of the insanity in the White House. I feel amused and terrified on a daily basis. I cannot imagine how frightened I would be if I was a person of color living in the US right now. Or a member of the "free" press.

  4. As much as we are all feeling anger, righteous or not, the only thing that will really make a difference is getting out the vote in November assuming the lying orange asshat hasn't rigged everything yet with the Russians. ;-)

  5. yes, thank you for saying so.

  6. It might help to focus on the positive:

    -Lowest black unemployment in history (btw black support for Trump has doubled)
    -Unemployment at 40 year lows
    -Kim Jong Un to blow up nuclear test site
    -Tax cuts which allow citizens to keep more money in their pocket;spur job growth and employee bonuses and incentivize companies to repatriate wealth back to the U.S.
    -Federal government collected record-high taxes
    -Probable success in renegotiation of trade treaties leading to decreased trade deficit
    -Lowering of drug prices

    1. I would take this more seriously if you provided sources. I actually agree with a few of your points but do not credit this administration.

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  7. This is very interesting at the small edge of the wedge and frightening at the other end. I think of that little movie Wall-E... all the blob people being fed a utopia via a screen, drinking their juices and riding their little hover scooters and falling for the hype... as soon as they get bumped off they see the real world. Hope the real world comes back... people are being duped. As Midnight Oil (Australian protest band once side "the rich get richer, the poor get the picture!".

  8. Very happy with the achievements made by this President and his administration, although it is a dangerous thing to state for fear of personal attack. I did not see your sources for the above claims you've made, but respect your right to a differing opinion.

  9. Here are some sources:

    Lowest black unemployment in history
    Unemployment at 40 year lows
    Kim Jong Un to blow up nuclear test site
    Tax cuts which allow citizens to keep more money in their pocket;spur job
    growth and employee bonuses and incentivize companies to repatriate wealth back to the U.S.
    Federal government collected record-high taxes
    Probable success in renegotiation of trade treaties leading to decreased
    trade deficit
    Lowering of drug prices

    1. Thank you Anonymous. I looked at the unemployment sources but not the others yet. Unemployment has steadily gone down since 2010 so I am sure we need to credit both Obama and Trump. As for black unemployment===> Good news!


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