Saturday, November 11, 2017

small art

Here is a sampling of some of the mixed media art I do when not sewing. These include heartfelt memories, struggles with technique, and experimental pages. I generally concentrate on texture and neutrals but you can see I played with some color in a few places. Much of the work includes material recycled from previous drawings, collages, and garments. 
 1" x 1" book above
photos from Solomon Islands (1940s) taken by my father.   
Hinged book (4" x 2") above-includes samples from my 2017 drawings and collages.  The next 5 photos are some of the interior pages.  

Left & below-linen on chalk

Above pages include studio waste paper on fabric screen and on the right a corner of a larger collage.

To the left are a raven claw in graphite and more recycled paper.

Photo to the right includes old dictionary pages, parts of a collage and manipulated linen.

Fabric sample accordion book:
To the left is an accordion book which is about 3" x 2" when folded.  All fabric is from sewing projects I did this year.  

The little blue book here is 2" x 1" and is connected together with leather strips and a stick.  

This piece was constructed by making marks on a large paper using a handmade brush with a hollyhock leaf attached to use for printing.  I cut up the paper and made a quick accordion book.  This points to a direction I want to travel further.  The black marks on white are so crisp and detailed...I plan to work in black and white for a time.  


  1. It's lovely to see your teeny, tiny art books.

    1. Thanks! I enjoy making them, especially the small ones.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Rhonda. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting.

  3. Spectacular on my laptop. So inventive- you have such an enormous range of gifts and grit to work it through. I want to hold these little books in my hands to treasure them as I feast my eyes. Thanks for sharing your creative bounty.

    1. ah Wendy, what a compliment coming from you!!

  4. These are wonderful. Bring them to the next meeting. I want to touch them.


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