Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This and that

Hearst Castle, Monterey, 17 Mile drive, riding through the Canada del Oro wash next to my home, visiting a cool trailer park in Bisbee AZ, and of course some sewing. I tried out some new to me patterns for shirts (which you can see in the collage), experimented with some new hairstyles and makeup, and did a whole lot of reading this summer.

The blue check shirt above is B 6376 and the floral is B 5924.  Both patterns are terrific and result in well-made shirts while allowing for alterations and your own creativity in the design.  Below is a sampling of my summer sewing-I love the Katherine Tilton shirt which is first up.  It is a fun shirt to wear and hangs in a flattering way.  I like it both with flowing, wide pants and paired with jeans.  My other favorite from this series is M 7411, a simple woven tee, but with an added layer.  I used some leftover rayon crepe and rayon challis so this has quite a luxe feel for a tee.  Love the neckline and the fit. 

I spent a lot of hours with Cutting Line Design this summer and have some fun "Saturday shirts" to show for it.  I really like her designs but always have to do major alterations to fit my petite frame.  I think I am getting closer to a good understanding of how to do that, but still have some extra volume around the bust.  It is not a question of using a smaller size, but decreasing the circumference above and below the bust line.  I have adjusted the torso length and shoulder width...now more fine-tuning.  Finally, the pants...ah, these are SO fun to sew and fun to wear.  This pair is made with a very rough cotton which was a gift-it is a utility fabric I think.  Nevertheless, the pants are great for kicking around and lounging at home.  Very quirky, and even with all the volume, do not make the wearer look wide. 

I recommend each of these patterns, with a strong recommendation for B 6325 and B 6376.   

 B 6325

                                                                                           B 6376

M 7411

 CLD A Subtle Twist
                                       CLD By Popular Demand
 Self-drafted tee
 M 6702
                                                                        V 9114

CLD Simplify Your Life                                                                                             


  1. Mary, Some really fun makes this summer! I love the peekaboo back. The Tilton shirt reminds me of the Liberty shirt from the Sewing Workshop. Style Arc has another variation. The hair looks great, I have been super short in a boy cut pixie now for two years and I still love it. Hugs to all and smooches to the pooch please!

  2. You always look so classy, Mary!

  3. You look wonderful with your new do. Love the Katherine shirt, love how you handled the underneath piece. Very clever. Takes an already amazing shirt to a higher level. Also love the fabric of the pants that go with it. The print, I should say. Looks so comfortable. Which pattern did you use for the pants? A great summer's accomplishment. Brava.


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