Monday, October 2, 2017

Summer's end

This heat never ceases, 
Up from the ground, into your feet.
From way up high in the sky, 
It pounds you with a drummers beat.

It coils like a molten snake
And cuts you like a sharp knife.
This desert heat is a hunter.
It will ruthlessly take your life. 

Desert summers have a rhythm which demands attention.  I have become used to the hibernation (estivation) necessary for survival.  The sun controls everything, even when we are inside.  

Summer is at an end now, and we are enjoying temps in the 90s.  It should cool gradually through October, and perhaps we will have a crisp Thanksgiving.  I'm clearing my studio and shifting gears for some cool weather sewing, while also planning to visit Taos in late October for a mixed media workshop.  

As have many of you, I have struggled this year to maintain equanimity in the face of a heartless administration, terrorism around the world, and our own citizens unleashing their demons with a gun.  I really had little to say here, in this special place reserved for creativity and nurturance.  So I allowed myself to be quiet.

There will be a new member of my family soon and I hope he will chew and drag and cuddle this little quilt I made for him.  
Good to be back, Mary


  1. My blog has always been a place to 'dump' my lovely photos. Maybe you could do a wordless wednesday type post?
    Are you getting another dog or a cat? I'm waiting for a year and a half - when I can retire.

    1. I should have been more niece and her husband are expecting a baby. I'd LOVE another dog, but there is no room in my casita.

  2. Good to see this, Mary. It is a struggle to nurture creativity in this country at this time. Perhaps we must do so, anyway. That sweet quilt has a voice.

  3. Oh I hope you will share a picture of you with you new family member! How exciting!


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