Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Nevertheless, she persisted

This is not about politics, but about art.    

I have this itch inside to create and have been scratching at it lately. I used to draw.  When I was a child I would spend hours drawing nature scenes, and also make long, involved murals on rolls of butcher paper.  In high school I copied the masters, always adding a detail like a joint or a peace sign :-).  I drew in college...slide after slide of microscopic specimens, the guts of some dissected creature, a still life from a field trip.  I even drew a series of charcoal drawings during therapy-powerful and angry, dark, struggling and broken creatures which were some of my best work and which I created and then destroyed as I redefined myself.   The act of creation was liberating in a truth-telling sense and the act of destruction the same.

I even took a few formal classes, including a life class.  It may be time to revisit that again.

For now, I am exploring mixed media and learning how to work with acrylics.  I have started an art journal, hoping to practice some techniques and to leave a space for quick analysis of where I am and need to go next.  It's a giant leap of faith for me as I LOVE detail and tiny markings.  My goal is to create some backgrounds and eventually some works which are a bit bolder than my soul thinks is "me". 

Below find some examples of practice backgrounds, use of marbling and two acrylic skins I made.   

On the sewing side, I am waiting for my mojo to return.  It is bubbling but has not yet reached my hands and heart.  For now, paint.


  1. Interesting looking pieces! I really like the "poster" in the first photo.

  2. So much fun! It's good to be inspired and persistent, ;-)

  3. are you all right??? where are you???

    1. I am almost ready to blog again. Sorry for the radio silence...thank you for reaching out. All is good.

  4. I saw you posted on pattern review. Your top is really nice. I LOVE your hair. It always looks great.


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