Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hi readers,  

I am back, in many ways.  Today marks the first time I rode my horse (at a walk, with a lunge line and spotter) since my accident.  I was able to influence him with my legs and seat though I will need to work on improving muscle tone.  It was a lovely time and Nick definitely was happy to have me there as a partner again.  Soon we'll be on the trail again.  

My down time has been spent with trying some art techniques for mixed media and journal pages.  Here are my experiments:
This is an acrylic skin made with metallic paint.  It will be cut up and used in a piece later on.

Here is another which is destined for background foliage. 

I also played with some marbling techniques and some stencils.  The stenciled background is sure to show up later-I love the regularity of the hex dots.
Below are some marbled papers which I love.  At this point I am just learning which papers, paint and technique produce the look I like.  I have far more experiments needed on this.  

 As time goes on, I will be able to do more as my leg gets stronger and I can stand longer.  I am one of those who draw and paint standing and it seems that playing with mixed media has me standing also.

I sewed a series of tees, tanks and tops this month-

 New Look 6150
turquoise jersey
 These tanks are all from Kwik Sew 3740.  Above in turquoise jersey, left in heathered purple cotton knit, below in red jersey.  This tank pattern has been used so often that it feels automatic to make.  I change up the neckline depending on the fabric and will sometimes bind it or sometimes make a neckband.

This tank is one of my fave patterns, and I think you can find it on Etsy etc.  It is McCalls 5890 OOP and includes 5 wardrobe pieces.  I love the cap sleeves and the princess seams.
To the right is a basic for me-slightly loose tunic with scoop neck, raglan sleeves cut at 3/4.    I used Vogue 1261 with some modifications to get a smooth drape in front with minimal "wings" at the hips.  The pattern is cut longer on the sides and these show only when walking


  1. So good to see you back in the saddle, Mary! You've certainly been busy while your leg was mending. Great new t-shirt wardrobe!

  2. I'm so glad you're getting better, and nearly back to normal. What a long rehabilitation time. I love the colours of your tee shirts and tops. The acrylic swirls look really interesting. For a collage? Best wishes. Trish

  3. Hooray for riding and crafting! So glad you two are a pair again.
    The makes are all lovely. Looks like you are all set for warmer weather.

  4. Good to see you improving so much. It must be slightly unnerving getting back in the saddle after your unlucky accident but I realise you are a born rider and wouldn't even dream about not doing it. Good use of your down time too. Keep well Mary.

  5. Such good news that you're extending your mobility. Love love all the tops, bet you look great in them - nice colors. Take care, hope recovery continues apace!

  6. I'm delighted you're back in the saddle. Good luck with you ongoing recovery. Great tee shirts. I'm log forward to seeing what you do with the acrylic.

  7. Glad you are well enough to get back in the saddle. I love your acrylic paint skins especially the metallic paint one. I can see it as a cabochon in jewellery or a Shibori Girl beaded Shibori ribbon brooch.

  8. You have been super busy sewing. I haven't been near my machine since Christmas. Trying to get some other things moving forward. I feel unbalanced though without my sewing time. Glad you're back in the saddle!

  9. "...back in the saddle again..."


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