Sunday, January 8, 2017

Creativity in a momentous time

As Jan 20 approaches, I find myself tightening.

Street Patterns by geishaboy500 Flicker
My need for calm structure reflects fear.  Can I let any of this fear go?

What will it take to unclench my hand and hold hope again?
artisit: Lynn Holland


  1. Remember some of the best art, writing, progress is pushed forward in times of great turmoil. And do hold hope that our democracy will withstand this for if we don't, it is already lost.
    I will tell you that the act of knitting and weaving is more soothing for me these days than sewing and I can't say why really.
    Go hug that goofy horse of yours and Grif too. How's the kitchen remodel?

  2. I share your feelings and fear.

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  4. Such challenging times. We must remain informed and vigilant.

  5. Meryl Streep gave a voice to my hopes and fears. We stay true to ourselves. We practice kindness. We continue to hope. We donate wisely. And, we stay vigilant.

  6. Do you know about the Pussyhat Project, to provide every participant of the Women's March on Washington with a pink hat? There is still time to sew a hat--I can get 8 out of yard of fabric in under 90 minutes. Go to for details on how to participate. I also wrote a post about it on my blog a few posts back.

  7. Sadly I think many of us are feeling this way, in different places, maybe different causes, but for the same reason. Hope you are feeling better soon. Trish


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