Monday, December 5, 2016

Tee time

 It's tee time.  I need some new tops for winter and I need some basics, in colors which will mix and match with many other pieces in my closet.  
The first decision to make was style and silhouette.  I get tired of loose, draped clothing after a long summer of that style so it was time to tuck and wrap and enhance the curves.  I started with NL 6150 in this view---->

It is all done except for the hems and one spot on the sleeve which needs to be resewn.  The fit is good and the tee is going to be a great cool-weather top.  

Next up will be a shell using a mushroom/sage colored knit.  I have wanted to make a few more of the cap 
sleeved shell titled View C (M5890). 

Other patterns in the lineup are Kwik Sew 2643 and Kwik Sew 3740.  All are semi-fitted and will be wonderful tops to wear under a jacket or cardi this winter.  

After renewing my closet and adding to my basic tee collection, I know I will want to get a little loose and beachy. Here is one pattern I am going to play with- 

I am looking forward to a little frost on the cactus this year.  I'll be cozy in all my new knit tops.  


  1. Nice choices! I think I might even have one or two of those Kwik Sew patterns. Not like they will veer see the light of day since my sewing knit fabric is about as rare as hen's teeth.

  2. These will be fantastic. Love the Kwik Sew patterns.. Happy sewing.

  3. Ps. How are you doing? Hope your improving and will be completely healed soon.. Have been thinking about you/praying for you.

  4. Great tops--I need to add some tops to my wardrobe too!

  5. Love the wrap top! Hope you are moving around !

  6. Cute! I have the butterick sharkbite hem pattern as well...getting up my nerve.


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