Friday, October 14, 2016

An artist collaboration

Do you like a creative challenge?  I am part of an artist group, on Facebook and in real life, which supports efforts to grow our art.  Some of us met in Taos, and will meet again next year.  In the meantime, we share some work back and forth.  I am not anywhere as serious as some of these folks but I do enjoy a challenge.  

Recently we all received a package of goodies with the instructions to use each element in a piece.

That's it.  Use each element.  In a piece.  

ai yi yi.  here is an example of the package received.  Mine had the word "la mer" and a muddy colored fabric rather than pink. 

I fussed around with all this for quite some time because I really wanted a monochrome piece.  I tried bleaching out as much color as I could.  In the end, I let each element talk to me and here is where I went:

The background is muslin which is stitched to represent the topography of the ocean floor.  I then overlaid it with gesso, and painted the background.  Fibers, resistors, and plastic all were placed in various areas of the canvas, somehow coming together.  It was a wonderful experience to let the textures loose and see where they were best.  Here is the overall wall hanging:
Here is a link to a page which shows many other pieces from this collaboration-go all the way to the bottom of the page and you should see columns of examples.  These link to individual blogs.  I chose not to link mine but wanted you to have a chance to blog hop on some artistic blogs.  Starting From the Same Place

Finally, we celebrate art, craft, and our own truth on this page.  I have left the anonymous comments on my last post but only because I see that most of you identified yourselves, giving readers some context to your responses.  I will continue to allow anonymous comments as long as readers are engaging with me and others, not just posting video or links with no explanation.  Thank you, and enjoy some art.


I love your comments and enjoy the conversation that results.