Monday, September 26, 2016

No pantsuits here

Anne Hathaway can rock the look, as can Jennifer Aniston.  Myself, I would probably choose to wear an actual blouse underneath!  However, in keeping with my pro Hillary stance, I am promoting pantsuits for everyone :-)   

 In my attempt to be a stylish 60something, I bought a Craftsy class titled "Sew to Flatter-Plan Your Best Wardrobe" and am working my way through the chapters on color and fabric properties.  One of our first assignments was to sort the stash.  I am not a stash collector so this job only took 30 minutes or so.  I was able to identify what fabrics are best suited to my coloring and plan some pieces to add to my casual, retired lifestyle. 

First up is a maxi dress from Style Arc in a tribal print.  I love the knit because it is black and cream, which works for my coloring.  The geometric print is angular, as are my features. The overall aesthetic is casual with a touch of elegance.  The cream and taupe striped knit will be a cardi for a cool night. 

Next up will be a day dress for those times when I need to look polished and businesslike.  I chose a vintage pattern and a print with a fall vibe.  Looking at the combination I see now I have recreated my 7th grade sewing project!

I have 2 projects for cool weather ahead using a color which has been missing for a few years in my wardrobe.  The first is a cape in a cranberry wool tweed from Gorgeous Fabrics (a giant thank you to Ann for the gift of lining-such a nice thing to do!).  I am using Silhouette's new cape pattern pictured below.   I also want to make the Chicago jacket by The Sewing Workshop.  It will be made in some well aged wool flannel.  
I also pulled some knits which are highly textured and plan to make a few casual cardis for the winter.  We'll see... plans are subject to change. 

I am off to take a nap as tonight will be a challenge.  Go Hillary!!


  1. Hi, it's really great to see your Autumn plans! I love Autumn colours. Good luck with them all, and your effort to become a stylish 60-something (my aim too :-) TS

  2. Great plans. I like the look of the Chicago jacket.

  3. Great plans. I like the look of the Chicago jacket.


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