Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Chronicles of Griffin: Chapter One

...in which Griff learns what "drive through" means.

Chapter Two  Griff discovers the wonders of fries.

Readers, this dog is bigger than my Prius!  He also does not really respect my personal space, nor does he show much concern for the command "get back".   Clearly, I will need to visit McDs again.  

Canines and quarter pounders aside, the orange purse in the photo is a Brighton handbag which I picked up for $65.00 on  thredUP.  Check out the link-it is an online consignment store with wonderful bargains, especially if you are looking for higher end clothing or accessories.  I have had wonderful luck buying jeans, handbags, a wallet and some cute blouses and capris.   

It's interesting to me that as I have more time to sew, and maybe more resources for inspiration, I have found that buying some key pieces is motivational to my overall plan to sew for myself.  It is more fun to sew something which is sure to complement a piece already present in the closet.  

Here is my recent make-NL 6921 which I have made once before.  The dress has a zip on the side, and a nice vent at the back seam.  I love the boatneck and the notch in the neckline! The pattern has an all in one facing for the yoke, which I love to construct and appreciate in a dress.  This is a fitted dress and will be worn with a half slip or shapewear (depending on those qtr pounders!).  

Be well everyone,


  1. Your dress looks wonderful! Very elegant.
    Looks like your pup is training you well.

  2. Burger and fries, heck, don't they have dog sized ice cream cones too. Geez, why not just get the drive thru good dog special, burger hold the bun. Pretty dress Mary, I like that split too.

  3. My guy loved to go to McDonald's. Any Friday evening that DH was away Rascal and I went to McD's. He knew when it was Friday and when I got home from work he would just dance around the kitchen - more so than just a greeting. In the early days he would spit out the pickle but he came to appreciate that it was quicker to wolf down the burger with the pickle. Thanks for the memory.

  4. Ha,ha... I just bet you will be making lots of Mc D's trips now.. too cute.

    Love your dress, I love the little notch in the front.. Great pattern.. Happy sewing.


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