Thursday, February 11, 2016


The Quincy top is on my work table right now, and I have been thinking about Quincy, CA while I work on it.  Have you ever been to that part of California?  Quincy is on Spanish Creek, which feeds the Feather River.  This is rough, but beautiful, country.
Gold miners came through here in the 1850s, as well as settlers.   The railroads built tracks and bridges through the Feather Canyon, allowing travel over a lower pass of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  

All of this, and more recent memories, are swirling as I slowly work on my Quincy.  I am thinking of Lassen, of Oroville, of the Sacramento River and of rice fields.  This is my different from the TV version of beaches and babes.  

I have the front section attached to the back, the collar sewn on, and today I installed the separating zipper.  I am loving this pattern so far.  

Here it is on my dressform-The left sleeve  is complete but only pinned.  I need to reduce the length a bit more.

 I found a cool zipper on an old jacket so I harvested it and used it here.  It is an inch short but so am I. :-)  The collar can be turned up or folded down, and the zipper continues partway into the collar, giving the whole top a rakish and sporty look.  

I hope to get done tomorrow, and will be sure to post my pics. This is going to be a great sporty top,



  1. I think I need a road trip. I haven't been down there in years.
    I might need my own rakish & sporty top.

  2. What a great top - and interesting fabric. I do like the front zipper -what a great idea to look for zippers in old garments, must start doing that too.

    Your road trip looked fun. So much to see and do in the U.S that is the real U.S.

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  4. Lovely fabric! It will look stunning on you! Looking at yours I'm wondering if I should revisit and do some updates to my pattern for another go round. maybe change out the collar for a simple rounded neck, lightweight fabric tie closures ( I find metal zippers too heavy) do it tunic length and have a modern warm weather duster? I just adore that fabric though..... :-)

    deleted and repeated to correct a spelling error. Of course there could be more.....

  5. I've never been to your California - or the other. It looks fascinating and is much prefer that to the TV version. Your top looks great too.

  6. I've never been to your California - or the other. It looks fascinating and is much prefer that to the TV version. Your top looks great too.

  7. Love the story about Quincy CA. I've never been there but your picture and story make me want to go.

    And your wonderful Quincy jacket - great zipper find! And what is the pretty fabric? It looks great.

    I made one out of a too-light-weight linen when it first came out. Maybe I need to try again. Hope you don't mind when I copy you!

  8. What a neat jacket, and, yes, the best looking zipper I've seen lately! I'm glad you posted this, as I've never looked at this pattern before. The pants are also really cute - are you planning them as well?


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