Monday, November 9, 2015

Seeing Red

                             8 yards of red knit in 2 shades

I must admit I went a little overboard, but I have not worn much red for years.  Every time I made something in red, my husband would say something honest like "It's a nice design but it's so RED".  

The man apparently doesn't like the color.

I love red for its fiery accent to grey, and it is a wonderful color for my horse, who is black.  I think Big Nick and I will make a very striking pair with a little red in our trail outfits.

I normally wear breeches if using my english saddle and jeans with the western saddle.  Either way, Nick and I would bring some holiday cheer with his red biothane bridle and me in a new red scoop necked long sleeved tee.  I have this pattern for the neckline and a self drafted pattern for the rest of the tee.  
Red saddle pad might be nice too!
Finally, here is an action shot of my reunion dress:


  1. You look gorgeous! (and in any color, I'm sure!)

  2. I think you would look awesome in red. With your hair color - perfect.
    Lovely reunion dress too.

  3. Sometimes you just have to ignore the husband. He probably doesn't want you to stand out in a crowd (or is that just my husband?) If you love red and with your colouring it will love you, then go for it.

  4. LOVE the red! I'm needing it in my life right now too. My late husband didn't liek me wearing red because he always said it made me sassier than I am already! LOL Can't wait to see what it becomes!

  5. I love red! I have a red toaster that makes me smile every time I look at it; and I think that's saying something! It's a TOASTER!

    I haven't sewn anything red for a while but I have a dress planned for this winter from a dark red fabric....

    Go for it!

    And I have been thinking about your last post off and on....isn't it something that we (as humans) tend to remember/dwell on the negative things people say? We can get 10 positive comments but 1 negative comment and we're focused on that one negative when there are ten positives....
    There are a few is I avoiding negative people. Not always possible, but I don't actively seek out negative ppl, and if I can't avoid them I try to say something positive back to them like "it's a great sunny day out" or soemthing like that.. My mom's strategy was to try to cheer up the grumpy negative ppl by bringing them flowers...she had "targets" all around town--the guy at the post office, the lady at the bank...she would make them her projects. That is more than I am willing to take on. She's your neighbor so you can't totally avoid her but don't seek out talking to her. Also I have come to realize, you never really know what is going on in a person's life, and what makes people the way that they are. In mindfulness meditation we send difficult people love or peace. At first I had trouble with this, but then it became easier and my relationships with "negative people I have to interact with" (coworkers) became somewhat easier. Does it work all the time? no, but it works some of the time and that's enough for me.

    Love you!

  6. Well, I love red - as long as its the 'right' red! I'm sure both you and Nick will look fabulous! I think you looked terrific at your reunion - dress, hair and smile.

  7. Well, I love red - as long as its the 'right' red! I'm sure both you and Nick will look fabulous! I think you looked terrific at your reunion - dress, hair and smile.

  8. You look so lovely on your reunion dress, Mary! I love red and you would look great in it :)


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