Thursday, September 10, 2015

50th high school reunion

No, not husband's.   We will be traveling to Los Gatos and staying at the Los Gatos Lodge.  The event has a get together on one night, and then the main dinner the next.  

I am practicing smiling and nodding.  My DH and I have composed a list of what we won't discuss with others:

how we met (hitchhiking)
why we are childless (choice, then fate)
drug and alcohol use (yes, it was the 60s-70s for goodness sake)
family dynamics (everyone's family is screwy)
money (our retirement pensions were tradeoffs for good salaries while teaching)

Thanks for letting me tell the truth I can smile and nod, make socially acceptable jokes, and try not to yawn. 

We will also be in Santa Cruz visiting our friends, and maybe going to an event at UCSC.  Then, over to Willow Glen (San Jose area) for dinner with one of my brothers and his wife.   

What I am really excited about is my dress for the dinner.  I quickly pulled this one together using B5749OOP-

I love it, but I found it difficult to make using the jersey I chose.  A zipper is called for, and I needed it as I am curvy.  The dress looks really nice FROM THE OUTSIDE.  I will never show anyone the fact, I may make the dress again in a better fabric just to redeem myself.  Here is my dinner dress-I have some turquoise heels and some sparkley jewelry :-)

When I return, I will write up the details of this pattern.  There is lots to love about the dress, but it is not easy to sew well. 

Until later, Mary


  1. So who picked whom up? Inquiring minds want to know! ;-)

  2. Have fun at the reunion...[and try to not be too bored.haha]
    Love your dress.. Beautiful fabric.. Post a photo, know you will look beautiful in it..
    Lots of fun..

  3. Really pretty dress - love the fabric colors - can't wait to see it in motion . Have a great time . My DH didn't go to 40th , but make make him go to 50th in a few years to prove he's real

  4. Wow! You are going to look fabulous! Beautiful dress and I love those colors. I hope you have a great time. In two weeks I'll be going with my husband to attend his 55th high school reunion. They have a joint reunion with several classes now and I've gotten to know quite a few of the folks and I think I have more fun than he does. :)

  5. I have that pattern but haven't made it up yet. Nice to see how lovely it looks in real life!

  6. I too have this pattern and really am drawn to it but I've never made a lined knit dress and really does it need the zip? Can't wait to see it on. Thanks for sharing your deep secrets.... I'm reading a book where the couple respond to questions with a lie and then the other one has to expand on it. That'll give you something funny to talk about later if the reunion doesn't give you enough.

  7. Hope the reunion is fun. My 50th is next year, don't plan to go, but I'm still in touch with my BFF's anyway. I'm awful - I don't care about all the others!

    Cute dress, hope you get photos of yourself wearing it.

  8. Cute dress Mary, and I'm betting it will look smashing on.

  9. I would love to see that dress on you. It looks just perfect and such a great color.

    I hope the reunion is a success.

  10. Your dress looks great even on the stand - I'm sure it's lovely on too, and no one needs to look at those insides!

    I hope your husband's reunion is lots of fun - maybe you'll even meet the kind of people you want to share all the interesting stuff with?

  11. "My DH and I have composed a list of what we won't discuss with others:"

    just don't tell them you have a blog!!!!! ;) Altho i have to say it is very hard to imagine anyone in the Los Gatos area being that much of a stick in the mud about any of that. You'll have a blast - and be looking gorgeous.

    You two won't be that far from me, i live in the East Bay near Walnut Creek. Wave in my direction and i'll wave in yours - i hope you aren't there until Saturday, we're getting blasted by the heat and lots of places in the area do not have air conditioning.

    Happy Travels!!!

  12. Your dress looks fab - I'm sure the reunion will be fine too - hope they serve alcohol. I rarely drink but I have sworn off weddings that decide not to serve alcohol because the ones that do are way more fun and enjoyable.

    Do you need some easy jokes?
    Why should you never iron your four leaf clover?
    You don't want to press your good luck.

    You'll probably be safe talking about Nick.
    Maybe go for broke - that Nick has an Instagram account and he's quite famous #hashtag#hashtag for his daily smooch.

  13. Lovely dress. No-one there will see the inside! Enjoy the reunion. I've never been to a high school reunion (there haven't been any) but I go to my university reunions. Next is 40.

  14. Beautiful dress, Mary. Have a great time in Los Gatos!

  15. My niece works there!
    I'm from California and visiting there at this time.
    Hope you have time to visit Harts . Have a great time at the reunion. Your dress is lovely.

  16. Mary, you will look great on the outside -and the inside of the dress is an apt analogy for the private details that you are not going to discuss:). I've never been to a reunion - not sure I would wish to :). Hope it goes well.

  17. Lovely dress - who care about the inside! ;) HOpe the reunion went well and you all had a nice time....:) It is always interesting to see who is the same and who has changed, and it is also interesting to see that at that year point it hardly matters who was who's friend - surviving the years is what its all about at the 50+ year point - loved the two reunions I have attended. :) HUGS!

  18. Oh Wow! I love this dress! We must be close to the same age as we are planning our 50th reunion for next summer!

  19. Oh Wow! I love this dress! We must be close to the same age as we are planning our 50th reunion for next summer!

  20. Gorgeous dress. I can't believe I didn’t buy this pattern...


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