Monday, May 11, 2015

Sewing has harmed my style

Have you ever seen a pattern, so unlike your usual style, and decided to give it a try?

yes, me too

I had an epiphany when organizing my closet this spring.  I had a number of tops which were interesting, made from neat fabric, but didn't really fit my retired life here in Arizona. Lots of prints, and many, many knit tops.  Buying and making patterns because they were new had resulted in a mish mash of stuff in my closet and no cohesive look for me.  

I participated in 2 style programs this spring, both of which were valuable.  The first was Evolve Your Style-a 31 Day Challenge evolve-your-style  EYS is a basic program on Facebook in which you post photos of yourself and outfits, and get honest feedback.  Very helpful and very supportive!!

Here are a few photos-I concentrated on casual outfits and my makeup. 
 These are representative of my daily clothing-I am confident in my casual, outdoor style.  When I reviewed my photos, I set aside many of the more fitted patterns I have bought. 

 1. I like semi fitted to loose fit in my clothing.

2. Brown, taupe etc are out, and I need to add in blues, black and grey.

 3.  Haircuts are important, as is makeup for keeping my look fresh and current.  I tend to forget about this.  What was fresh and cute at 20 is probably not  so at 60.  :-) 

Makeup-I love to wear foundation for a finished look.   Eye makeup is minimal and Carmex essential.  I was challenged to wear red lipstick!!  Three new and darker colors...I am not convinced that red lipstick is a good look for me.  Plus, the horses don't even notice.  
I was surprised that my eye makeup looked natural as somedays I was using 3 different colors.  I learned quite a bit about colors, skin tone, and what works for me.  

  4.  My face is serious in repose, and    makeup helps me look more  approachable.   

I learned I need to add accessories to make my outfits work.  Here is where I started...then I bought 3 purses, a few nice scarves, and some good shoes for the gym.  
5.  Accessories tie the outfit together, and do not need to be flamboyent.  

These 5 lessons have helped focus me in my sewing now.  I am much more selective in what patterns I buy, and what fabrics I add to my closet.  

I hope this helps those of you looking at all your clothing and wondering what to wear!  


  1. Excellent post! The FB group sounds like an excellent means of figuring out what works and what doesn't. My ears perked up when you mentioned much of your wardrobe doesn't fit your lifestyle. I'm finding the same thing. I've made casual jackets that don't get warn, as my lifestyle has no need for jackets at all! If I was to switch jobs all would change.Thanks for a helpful post!

  2. What a useful process. My wardrobe is evolving once again so I liked your lessons and evaluations. Since my kitchen/family room is getting a major overhaul this year, maybe my wardrobe needs the same.

  3. I find it interesting that you had to move from Oregon to Arizona to find a style. Lord knows we have no style here. You made excellent points: Make up makes you look more approachable and accessories help define the style.

  4. I really like the third outfit you posted, with the grey cardigan...this looks really lovely on you. I forget to do the make=up, accessories, hair thing...all takes that extra effort.

  5. I really like that grey cardigan with the stripe shirt underneath as well. Yay on adding in more black. That's my favorite color!

  6. You look wonderful in all these photos! I especially love the last outfit. These are good points. I struggle with remembering to accessorize and the haircut thing......

  7. I'm glad you found the programs beneficial. We are not 20 anymore - interestingly, you still seem to like classic styles, and I remember you saying that when you were a teacher you wore classic jackets. I do think it helps to live in a place where you can be your style in every sense of the word - I can't wait for that opportunity to come. You do need the cool colours in your wardrobe - and I think if you are wearing a darker lipstick, something more translucent may work better.

  8. I think you look fabulous.... I am surprised you are 60! I think your hair is gorgeous and when you smile... you light up. I love the last outfit, the hot pink and the 2nd outfit with the grey.

  9. I think you are definitely a cool palette. Greys, blues, Aqua, fuschia are your colours and Ithink if you want to wear red lipstick it should have a blue hue rather than yellow.

    BTW the pattern arrived yesterday although I haven't seen it yet as I am spending a week at my son's. We have a new baby and I am in charge of the 2 year old. That's fun ("No - don't want to do that/go there/go to bed/eat") but tiring. Thank you ever so much for the pattern. Can't wait to choose some fabric.

  10. Thought-provoking, Mary! Thanks for your insights. I struggle to find a balance between sewing what will be fun to make, and sewing what I will wear. This post resonates.

  11. Great post. You really look wonderful in the black, grey, pink shades. Thanks for sharing your style journey!

  12. It's great to see you refine your style!

  13. I read your post on my phone last night, but wanted to read it again on my laptop before commenting. You've written an honest, thoughtful post of insights in evaluating where you are in this stage of your life. Agree with other comments here, in that please consider the cool color wheel. With your beautiful hair color, the cool colors will really 'pop'. When I was a brunette, I was a 'warm' wearing only gold jewelry and autumnal colors.... now that my hair has grayed I've had to change my makeup colors to the 'cool' shades and only wear silver jewelry near my face now. Definitely re-thinking clothing colors too! Aging is part of life's journey, and I like the way you are choosing to embrace it. Oh, and I need a more translucent lip shade, like Sarah Liz suggested, too. Estee Lauder's 'Rock Candy' lip gloss is my favorite. The lipstick colors, and darker lip glosses, seem to drain my face, rather than perk it up. Thank you for taking the time to share a little of your journey with us Mary! Look forward to reading more!

  14. Wow. I am impressed- submitting pics of little me to a Facebook group for critique sounds too much like how I felt in middle school! Are you laughing and pointing? Why? Why?

  15. I am enjoying this post! You look great, Mary xx


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