Monday, April 6, 2015

mushrooms in the desert?

It is getting warmer here in the southwest, and it's dry right now.  Last spring I explained about the monsoons, and if you missed it, you can find that mini meteorology lesson right here.  The rainy season officially starts in June, but it takes time for the system to build.  Until July, August and September, I will have to water my yard.  

A few weeks ago I was digging in the back yard (which has yet to get gravel) and I unearthed what looked like puffballs. They are familiar to me from Oregon and a favorite treat for deer.  But these were not puffballs, as they were mostly underground.  Like the curious scientist that I am, I left them and look...what...happened.

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This is not my photo but I couldn't resist sharing it with you.  It is from and is most certainly a Phallus hadriani, the common stinkhorn fungus.  My yard is populated by Phallus impudicus, an apt term for a mushroom which emerges from the ground to grow several inches during the morning.  What else have I learned?  They stink, thus the name.  Flies are attracted to the tip, which is covered with an oderous slime layer.  The immature fruiting bodies underground are called "witches' eggs" and are harvested for food in some parts of the world.  

Moving on from Freudian mycology, let me share a few photos of the front yard, which is becoming gloriously Sunset magazine worthy.  

We are still babying a few of the plants, and watering everything but the cacti. 

The specimen cactus by the front gate is growing fast, and has blossoms of a sort.  This is called old man cactus and is from Guanajuato, Mexico.  (Cephalocereus senilis) 

Let's move onto sewing as there seems to be a theme emerging in my yard.  Here is V 8968-great little dress for summer!  I am currently working on some pants from V 9067 and awaiting some luscious Liberty of London Tana lawn.    Happy sewing to all of my readers :-)  Life is good.


  1. Nice to see your growing plants and your dress is so lovely. Happy sewing to you too, Mary :)

  2. Mary, Your yard looks so pretty... I can tell you have been working hard in it.
    Love your dress, looks so comfortable and pretty on you..

  3. How interesting! and the yard is really pretty. I know you guys have put a ton of work into it (pun intended - those rocks!)

  4. Your place is lovely and it's always nice to see photos of your landscape. Your dress looks perfect for a hot day!

  5. Cute, cute dress. Looks very comfortable and stylish.
    Not sure about stinky mushrooms...

  6. Your very cute dress will be comfy this summer

  7. I love that dress! It makes me so ready for warm weather and breezy skirts.

  8. Your yard looks perfect for your climate - as does your new dress!

  9. OMG for the theme emerging in your yard!!!!! That mushroom pic is a riot. If you posted this on April Fool's I would have thought you were joking.

    Your dress is great!

  10. Thanks for the mycology lesson. Nature never ceases to amaze me! Your front yard is coming along so nicely. Looks great! Cute dress, too.

  11. And happy sewing right back, along with mushrooming! :-)
    We picked a tiny morel the other day. Your feed refuses to update. Did you have a different post title before this one? Anyway, great little swingy dress!

  12. Lovely dress, and your yard is looking so beautiful.


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