Friday, March 20, 2015

the best of intentions and a new jacket

How many Craftsy classes have you bought, started, and not finished?  I have many, and while it is not a moral issue for me to spend money on something I don't complete, it drives me cuckoo to have loose ends on creative ventures.  If I get excited about something, I trust that feeling and follow through as best I can.  Some things get set aside for a better time, and some get discarded.  Some even get finished!

And so it is with this jacket class by Janet Pray "Sew Better Sew Faster-Garment Industry Secrets".

This class intrigued me with the focus on industry techniques and the claim that pins were not necessary.  Having been a teacher, I am NOT an easy student and I have a few Craftsy classes which I cannot even watch as the presentation is so disjointed or the teacher so uncomfortable with the camera.

That is the complete opposite of Janet Pray's classes and her teaching style.  Janet has a well thought out plan for presentation, all her work at the sewing machine matches what step she is teaching at the time, and she is able to sew, describe process and give reminders all at the same time.   The lessons are straight forward, the construction steps are broken down into easily managed chunks, and the booklet follows the video almost perfectly.  I was able to follow her instruction to get very nice welt pockets, professional looking topstitching and a linen jacket which will be a great addition to my riding wardrobe.

I enjoyed this class so much that I bought 2 other Janet Pray classes, and organized a sew along on PatternReview.  If you are interested in sewing this jacket, the sew along is still active, with some people following their own schedule now.  Jacket Express sew along  I reviewed the pattern here-Islander Sewing Systems 218 -and included a number of photos to show detail.  Both these links provide lots of helpful hints on making this cute denim jacket.

Here are some featured jackets from PR members who sewed along with the Craftsy class:
Rubyla-foil jacket w/applique


detroy-denim minus collar

ldill31 in Las Vegas!

Samantha82 in warm grey twill

Jodi Lynn has a wonderful version with a straight band-you can click through to see it via the sew along thread-pg 30  Sorry Jodi Lynn but all the competing software defeated me :-(

I hope your spring sewing plans are full of creativity, fun and success!


  1. I think yours is the cutest! (And I don't think it's just because of Nick. ;-)

  2. Is it out of line to gush over your horse in a sewing post? He's so handsome; I want to pet him and feed him a treat.

    I totally agree with your comments about Janet's pray teaching. She knows her stuff and she presents it well. I'm so glad I found your thread on Pattern Review and bought her class. I'm slowly chipping away on my jacket and hope to finish it soon.

    It amazes me how every person's jacket looks so different but they all look extremely well made!

  3. Great jacket, love the photo of you two!

  4. Thank you. Some of the craftsy difficulty for me has been the "I can't bear to watch this awkward style of teaching. "
    Looks like a fab jacket.

  5. Thank you. Some of the craftsy difficulty for me has been the "I can't bear to watch this awkward style of teaching. "
    Looks like a fab jacket.

  6. Love the fabric combo of your jacket and it looks nicely done! :)

  7. I find some of the craftsy courses so slow I literally tune out! This class seems a little more join in. The results are certainly good- your jacket has turned out beautifully, as have all the others.

  8. Oh lovely and what great results from the sew along too! You and Nick look perfect together. I haven't chosen a course yet, but one or two of the J. Pray classes where in the mix.

  9. Part of my job is teaching so I know what you mean about being a difficult student! Whenever I take a class (sewing or not) I always learn or reaffirm something about how to teach, or how not to teach.

    I have watched Janet's jean jacket video twice, taking copious video notes the second time, and became a huge Elna Press user because of it. But I still haven't made the jacket! Yours is so pretty, and the jackets in this post all look so different--very neat!

    1. p.s. I have tons of Craftsy classes that I haven't watched yet. TONS!

  10. Great jacket..
    SO guilty===== have lots of craftsy classes, that I have not watched..Have intentions of getting to them later.. and it doesn't happen..Need to work on that.ha

  11. I have many Craftsy classes that I haven't watched including (I think) this one! Your jacket looks great!

  12. Your jacket is so pretty with that color combination. Denim blue and pastel purple on my monitor. The Crafty class must be very good. All the different versions of the jacket, that you included pictures of, look great.

  13. Two classes i bought and haven't yet taken. And I don't even remember what they were, although I know Craftsy does. Agree, the colors in your jacket are very flattering!


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