Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Heat is On

                            written by Glenn Frey in 1984 for the film "Beverly Hills Cop"

I am thinking about summer.  The heat came on last night right before I fell asleep, and it was so warm and comfy in my room.  As temperatures rise, though, I'll be listening to the AC cycle on. 

It's time to think about cool clothes and coverage.  

I have a plan, one of those wonderful SWAPs we all love to dream about.  It is not set in stone, and in fact, I really don't have more than one or two particular patterns I'd like to include.  All I know is that when the heat is on I'd better have loose, cool, coverage.  

Fabrics: soft linens, cool cotton voiles, romantic gauzes.  I sent some wonderfully thick and interesting fabrics to Theresa of Camp Runamuck, leaving room for lighter fare in my closet.  

Colors: in the process of adding back in my normal winter colors of blue, teal, cool reds, lavendar and white.  Do you remember my hair fiasco when the stylist turned it blonde?  I wore those blonde streaks and sewed a brown SWAP to match.  Those browns, taupes and greens are leaving as they age in my closet.  

Style inspiration: I have been pinning lots of styles which feel right to me and I see some commonalities-casual luxe, sporty, light knits, linen and cotton blends, loose on top or bottom, solids a palette for jewelry and accessorizing.

I don't want to limit my movement and activities because of what I am wearing-I want to wear clothing which allows me to do what I love to do and look stylish at the same time.  

Patterns: The above two looks will be fun to duplicate using simple tank patterns, a maxi skirt pattern, and a capri pattern.  I also want some dresses and here are a few I love.   ,

A simple knit dress can go anywhere depending on fabric.

A maxi dress provides some coverage from UV and the tie is cute.

The new Marcy Tilton dress and cardi combo will be fun to work with and the cardi pattern will be a staple for me. 
This is a great shape for loungewear or a pool coverup.

Moving to a new locale is invigorating and eye opening.  I am interested to see what changes I will make in the future.  I have added more color to my accessories, I wear my cowboy boots more often (though not with dresses), and my days are filled with classes, social activities and caring for my self and my family.


  1. Live sounds good Mary.Im pleased for you. I however don't think I could tolerate the high temperatures. Love the pics and the last dress pattern in particular, catches my eye. Looking forward to the end result.

    1. Louise, we just hibernate (the scientific term is estivate) from 10 am till dark. Everyone gets up really early to enjoy the outdoors as the sun rises.

  2. With 4+ feet of snow all over, and much more along the roadsides, plus mountains of it in parking lots, it's hard for me to envision spring, let alone summer. Your plans for a warm weather wardrobe sound fun and sensible. I love making clothes I will actually wear!
    Having visited the southwest, I can appreciate that you are now wearing more colorful accessories. The environment there just invites color in, where it might look garish in a northern climate. I'm glad to hear you're finding satisfaction in your new home, That's great!

    1. Yes, the desert is high contrast when in bloom! Tucson is very green all year but color is always welcome.

  3. Sounds like you are formulating a good plan for the upcoming season. Look forward to seeing what you make! So glad you are settled into your new environment and living such a full and joyful life.

  4. I can tell you are having fun! Must be like shopping for a whole new wardrobe, the weather is so different from Klamath Falls. Love the ideas you have (of course). 3 of your dresses are on my wish list as well...

    1. I look forward to comparing each of our versions. :-)

  5. Cute selection! I saw a version of the Tilton dress in knits (I believe it's one Marcy made herself), and just at first glance I might like it better that way. You have good instincts and taste.

  6. You'll have so much fun creating a new wardrobe for your new lifestyle, which sounds quite enjoyable. Love all these clothes - having lived in Alice Springs, I can assure you that you are on track, clothing wise, for the hot, arid climate you now live in :)

  7. I am always trying to do the same when it comes to making clothes for Maui weather, functional and stylish! I like the patterns you chose and the inspiration pictures you posted. I am so looking forward to spring break next weekend. More time to sew!


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