Saturday, February 7, 2015

and we have the winners....

Nick's baby picture  ahhhhhh

I missed my deadline of Friday morning-so sorry for those of you waiting with aniticipation.  I slept really poorly for some reason, so I got up in the night and gathered my little dog for a snuggle on the recliner.  That was just the right thing to do...we woke up at 9am and I wandered around in a daze for a few hours.

So here it is on Saturday and you want to know whether or not you won.  I used a draw straws application by David Goodrich (found at and the results are: 

KS 2212--------> Becky of Sew and so blog (Becky, please email me with a mailing address.  My email is in the sidebar.)

DOS Collar Confection blouse--------->Louise (Louise, please email me with your mailing address.)

Jalie 2795---------> Alison (Alison, I emailed you asking for your mailing address.)

KS 3618---------> kathy of Running with Rocket blog (kathy, please email me with your mailing address.)

Thank you to everyone for helping me find new homes for these patterns.  I appreciate you visiting my blog-knowing readers are keeping up with me helps me stay motivated to share my daily life, my successes and my challenges.  

Until later, Mary


  1. What an adorable puppy picture. Wishing you a fabulous Saturday!

  2. Oh heavens, Nick was just way too cute as a pup. Of course he's pretty darn cute as an adult too!

  3. Hot dog!
    Thanks for the lovely pattern. Emailing you right now. And - I'm running a giveaway this month too if you want to enter.

  4. What an ideal way to cure early morning insomnia :)

  5. Ooh, that's a surprise! I'm a little behind on my blog reading. :) But I'm going to email you right now. Thank you!

  6. Hi Mary, congrats on finding new homes for those patterns, and congrats to the winners. I missed the earlier post but that's okay: my lack of garment sewing is not because of a lack of patterns. ;-)


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