Saturday, January 24, 2015

At the rate I'm going... will be spring before my bathrobe is done!  I finished all the piping on the shawl collar-my zipper foot is getting a workout with this project.  Tomorrow I'll baste the collar down, and add the sleeves.  Then go for a hike.  


We hiked a loop last week and passed by the Mariott
 before going back into the "wild".  

Cuffs (with piping), belt loops, side seams, seam finishing, collar completed and hem.  I can get this done if I work Sunday evening and Monday morning.  It's getting warmer here, folks...I may have to make a second version in silk. 


  1. That looks lovely already - if you make a silk one, that will be absolutely divine :)

  2. It's looking good. Go girl, you can do it :-)

  3. You're on the home stretch!
    I visited Tucson 3 years ago in Feb for a work event at U of A and really loved hiking among the saguaros and experiencing something so completely different --saguaros for miles instead of trees!

  4. The bathrobe looks lovely! I don't know about silk for summer but a light voile or lawn might be heavenly and not quite so slippery!
    Looks like an interesting hike. Enjoy the coolness while it lasts.

  5. I can already visualize how this will look on you. Very nice.

  6. It is going to be well worth the wait.. Enjoy your hike.. Happy sewing.

  7. You're making great progress and it's coming together beautifully! Your terrain out there is so interesting to see. Thank you for including a few photos!

  8. I'm feeling the robe snail crawl along with you :-) Am making Ashley a long robe for her Bridal Shower gift (can share this here, I don't think she'll see it before Saturday!). And it seems to be taking forever! All the detail work, basting, so much fabric...whine whine. It's her very favorite color, but not one I wear. My eyes wiggle...Love the pics of the neighborhood.


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