Saturday, September 20, 2014

The continuing saga of big Nick and his training; our heroine manages to survive and plans a day of sewing instead of riding

Nick Nick Nick!  What got into you today?  Actually what has gotten into you all week?  You are lucky I kinda like you, as there are people who would buy you based on looks alone.

I spent 50 minutes trying to load the black devil this morning.  Once started, you must win.  He did his usual evasions, and as he got tired from being worked, he got mad.  The evasions became a bit more dangerous, and I became a bit more aggressive.  I will not list what I did, but riders out there in blogland know how to use the butt end of a whip on a nose which is coming at you warp speed.

He really got a workout.  So did I.  I was wearing a pair of jeans one size too big, and they got bigger as I got warmer.

Anyway, the trainer drove in, walked over and said "You take the back end with a whip".  In he went.  shit.   There is nothing so demoralizing as evidence that you are NOT respected.

Unloading at the trailhead was also fraught with danger.  He actually tried to go UNDER the divider.  You know, maybe he got into some loco weed.

We had a lovely ride.  He was perfectly behaved under saddle, and did everything I asked.  Michelle, sorry I didn't get a boot picture, but there was no way I was going to get close to his feet today in order to put on his booties.

In sewing news, I have been participating in PR's Fabric Stash contest.  I've sewed up quite a lot of old stash and some of it even looks good.  Here is a smattering:
M 5713 OOP pleated cardi
table linens
top KS 3740;  B 3972 OOP skirt

M 6724   dress altered to a nightgown lined with tricot

More posts to come, as I have come across some wonderful books to share with you.  Until then, Mary


  1. All's well that ends well; I'm glad you had a good ride! I was thinking today that I would love to go for a ride WITH someone....

  2. Mary, I am amazed at your ability to tame such a large animal - must take quite a lot of guts. Love your stashbusters - it seems such a contrast - wild Mary taming Nick, and indoors crafty Mary sitting and sewing :)

  3. Maybe Nick was having a rebellious teen moment? But your sewing was successful. I especially like your cardigan(every thing else but especially that).

  4. I have to agree that your adventures with Nick are reminiscent of parenting teenagers. At least you got a beautiful ride out of it:) While it is sometimes frustrating, sewing can be a restful break from relationship stresses. And you got some beautiful outfits out of it -- I too especially love the cardigan.

  5. Love the outfits, glad you got a good ride on Nick despite him having a little temper tantrum. Is he a pubescent teen? LOL
    Good to hear from you. Glad everything is going well!

  6. Hi, Mary. I enjoyed the Nick feature, you brave woman you. And the sewing results are grand.

  7. I agree, you are brave! Congrats on sewing up deep stash; I love the cardi!

  8. Good for you to sew from stash! You know, your story of Nick is not unlike parenting. Kids often behave better for folks who are not their parents.

  9. What an adventure. Maybe the heat got to Nick!

  10. You have wonderful stash and you're showing it all off beautifully. I like the Loco Weed thought. I'm sure in his heart of hearts, Nick knows he has met his match and would be miserable without his brave soul mate.

  11. Great trail picture! You look so happy! In the end, sounds like YOU won, not Nick! Love what Sarah Liz said too...... and all your new makes look lovely.... especially the cardi.

  12. So, wacky question, but I used to work in the southwest desert (Arizona, NM, Calif), and had dogs that would come with me when it was cool enough. Thorns from cacti were a terrible and never ending problem. Any chance Nick could have one? Anyway, hope things are straightened out now

  13. Please forgive my ignorance, but I don't understand. Are you saying it's necessary to whip the horse to get him to "respect" you? Is Nick a wild horse that you're training in order to show?

  14. Hi libby, when training a horse to load in a trailer, it sometimes takes 2 people. The person at the back gently taps the horse to remind it to go forward. There is no whipping involved. Working with horses involves positive reinforcement for doing the right thing, and making the wrong choice uncomfortable. Artificial aids like crops or whips are tools to help the trainer be specific about what the goal is. They also keep people safe as they extend your arm.

    I hope this helps you understand.

    1. Oh thank you so much. I know from your blog that you have very tender feelings for your animals and I guess I completely misunderstood what the trainer meant. Please forgive my idiocy. : )

  15. I am glad you asked, otherwise you would wonder why I was being so "mean" to Nick! He is a wonderful horse. He just needs to accept that he will do certain things, like load in a trailer. He needs to do that in case he has to be transported in an emergency.


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