Sunday, June 8, 2014

photo essay

We are settled in, and all the boxes are unpacked.  The truck has been fixed-we made it to within 30 miles of Tucson when a diesel line broke and sprayed fuel all over the engine and the fuel dripped, smoking, along the freeway.  Our welcome to Tucson involved a firetruck.

The movers only broke a few things.  It's okay, I like a rustic style.

Furniture has been arranged in probationary ways...I think I like what I see, but will know for sure once all the art is on the walls.

My sewing room is in the master bedroom, and we are sleeping in the guest room.  This just makes more sense to us.  We only use the bedroom for sleep (hmm) and the other room is so much bigger. I love my sewing room.  The light is great, and I can hear the birds as I work on my projects.  The room has a walk in closet which I'm using for my clothing.  It is so spacious!  I call it the princess closet.

 I have organized ALL my stash into a hall closet.  This little space now contains all my patterns, all my fabric, all my art supplies.  LOVE the space in this newish home.  In the photo below you can see only one part of a shelf.  There are 5 shelves in this closet, which opens with accordion doors.  I have binders for pattern envelopes and notes, boxes for the tissue patterns, a tackle box for hardware and buttons, and of course, my fabric stash.  You can see that some of the fabrics are nested together with ribbon...these are coordinating fabrics for future projects.

I have been sewing the last few days, and finished a Tosca dress using some loved B/W batik.  For those of you unfamiliar with this pattern, it is a cool little dress, but has the deepest armholes ever.  I left them deep this time to see if they would be cooler in the desert heat.  The only change I made to the pattern was to hem it in a straight hem, not using the band provided.  I chose to be conservative here because the armholes are such a strong design feature, and my fabric is a standout B/W print.            
The cowl forms as the "collar" drapes toward the bustline.  I used interfacing here and the collar and cowl have lots of structure.

The length is above the knee and I will wear this as a dress, and also a tunic.  Look at the deep armholes-I like them.  I bought some little cotton tees to wear underneath.

~~my first garden addition~~

so nice to be back here, Mary


  1. Lots of good wishes in your new home. As long as we have a sewing space we are home!

  2. So glad you arrived safely and are getting your new house in order. What a great adventure!

  3. House looks great~ nice to have storage! Like the layout, and that you have a sewing space where you can have daylight, see outside and hear birds. How pleasant!
    Have fun there!

  4. So glad you've arrived in as many pieces as it took! That rustic look seems to follow one around when moving...familiar with it myself. sigh. Hopefully fixable. Or replaceable! Lovely tunic dress, such pretty fabric. Thinking of you in new home...

  5. Glad you're getting settled in. And your sewing room looks so great! Such a fun adventure.

  6. Your new home is looking great.. Best wishes..
    Love your new dress..So pretty

  7. I am amazed you are already sewing after such a huge move! Your new place sounds lovely and your happiness clearly comes through!

  8. Oh wow Mary, you moved!!!! I have missed so much in the last ten months. I am excited for you and your new adventure. The new dress is great and looks like a perfect match for the desert heat, as you mentioned. Glad you are getting settled in!

  9. I'm glad you are all settled in - this has been quite a move, and change in lifestyle for you. Very pretty new dress to christen your lovely sewing space :)


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