Wednesday, May 28, 2014

what I have learned so far

This is day 3 of our new life here in Arizona, and so far I have learned that:
1.  90F is much cooler than 100F
2.  The moving company doesn't travel as fast as the client, and the furniture is sure to come days later.
3.  The wire on all the gates in our development is to keep rattlesnakes out and so far it is working.
4.  The wire will, however, trap lizards who try to sneak through the little squares.
5.  If you rub a lizard tummy, they will relax and you can pull the little guy all the way through the wire squares to safety.
6.  Doves will nest pretty much wherever they can, and are awfully messy.  I have relocated a pair so far.
7.  There are so may stores, and choices, for me here.  I have missed shopping for 30 years!
8.  Reading about sewing is not a substitute for doing it.  Where is my sewing machine?
9.  Moving to a 55+ community when one is 59 makes one feel young
And finally...
10.  The motels along the way from Oregon to Arizona include some very questionable rooms.


  1. You'll have to keep us posted. I'm interested in the type of wire on the gates to keep rattlesnakes out, and that you can make a lizard relax by rubbing it's tummy.
    At this point, we've kind of settled on the idea of Las Cruces, NM for our retirement plan. But we'll be going to actually check it out later in the year, and that may change.
    Had to laugh at your comment about 59 in a retirement community. I had a friend move to Palm Springs and he said he was a "chicken" down there about the same age.
    Hope it at least cools off enough for you to sleep well.
    Fun to start a new chapter in your lives!

  2. Thanks for saving the lizards! We're not in a development, so no wire to keep rattlesnakes out, but I did figure out a few years ago that turning the sprinklers on (or probably a hose...) will get them to move off somewhere else. I'm a live and let live gal...

  3. Sounds like you are still journeying through life...enjoy!

  4. Scorching hot temperatures and rattlesnakes are enough to keep me from ever moving to Arizona. I applaud your doing so! Hang in there. The furniture - and your sewing machine - will be there soon!

  5. Awww, that is so sweet about the lizards.
    I'm enjoying reading about your adventure--please keep it coming!

  6. What a great 'new' beginning! Glad ya'll arrived safely and are settling in... with or without furniture?! Keep us posted.

  7. My husband and I drove down to Kingman, AZ to pick up our airplane project a few years back Three days down in a borrowed pickup (&flatbed) with only AM radio to keep us company... I hear you on those freeway motels.

    I'll take the Willamette valley for my retirement. Today we had sunny skies, very grey skies, blacker skies, blustery winds, rumored tornado, extreme thunder and torrential rains plus some hail. Back to sunshine this evening.

    Hopefully your sewing machine will show up soon.

  8. I have missed you during your journey south! I'm so glad you are the lizard rescue team. I love them and help them off my screen porch and out of the house, so they don't dehydrate and die. Little guys are such strutters, those red throats are awesome. Wow, I do like lizards! Rattlesnakes not so much.

    90 degrees is hot at any temperature. I worked in and out of Phoenix for years for American Express Technologies, above 100 all felt the same to me. Oven that I thought had to be a mistake! I was always impressed by the empty sidewalks. People just don't walk around in that heat.

    Hope the SM gets there soon. Oh, and the rest of the furniture. I imagine the motorcycle is already there. How's Nick?

    Hope you are well.

  9. I have just started reading your blog. I've lived in Sierra Vista, AZ for over 30 years and consider it home. Tucson is a great place, lots of shopping and events year long. If you need a great yarn shop, try Grandma's Spinning Wheel at 6544 E Tanque Verde Rd. And if you are interested in quilting, there are several quilt groups and a fantastic quilt show at the end of Jan. Just remember, no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no ice storms, rarely any floods, no earthquakes! Sure it gets hot in the summer, but just wait for winter. You will love it! Sandy O'

  10. Wishing you all the best for your new home - the lizards sound adorable, the rattlesnakes less so. It must be quite an adjustment for you to be making. I do hope you are sewing soon and that Nick is not far behind. Keep cool, I hope you get cool nights at least during summer.


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