Thursday, May 8, 2014

2 weeks to Tucson and the monsoons

Downtown Tucson-the city claims to be
 the lightning capital of the world :-)
The monsoon season officially begins June 15 and extends to September 30.  The dew point increases to 55F or greater, and at the same time, the winds shift from westerly to southeasterly.  This brings in more moisture from the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) and the Gulf of Mexico.  The days start clear and warm, and huge clouds form throughout the day.  The temperatures will cool a bit, but the humidity will increase. These changes lead to spectacular thunderstorms, with winds, blowing dust and flash floods.    Along with this meteorological show will be flights of termites and ants, followed by the emergence of amphibians and other animals looking for food.  A second blooming will occur and many wildflowers will put on a show.

I'm excited, busy, focused, tired, worried, proud, happy...we have sold our home here in Oregon (all but the signing, so I still am holding back a bit) and arranged for a moving company to do the heavy lifting for us. Big Nick will be shipped by a horse shipping company based here in southern Oregon, and Woodrow will enjoy his summer on green pastures before being shipped to us in September or October.  Both boys will be with me!

I am sewing some lightweight dresses and becoming brutally realistic about my personal style in 115F.  I know I'll need more light panties and bras, as I do not glow in a ladylike manner!  My current wardrobe plan which included fitted dresses, cute shorts, and layered vests has been discarded until fall.  For the summer monsoon season, cotton, linen, maybe a rayon blend in patterns which have few curve hugging areas will be used-I'm beginning to understand the appeal of the simple shift dress.  I'm open to suggestions from those who have experienced these temperatures.

Currently on my sewing table is dress #2 from this pattern:
V 8469

No sleeves, no tie (the tie is a fabric hog and I am using stash) and short.  I also graded it up a bit in the midriff so I could have airflow. I will try to get some pictures-thanks for hanging in with me during this chaotic time in my life.

I am also putting together a little shift dress using the Scout tee pattern.  Pictures...I know, I'll try.

oh, and I cut my hair so it is right below my ears.  I think it will get even shorter once I can find a good salon in the city.

That's it: house bought, house sold, stuff moved, more stuff organized to move, arrangements for pets, plan for dr/meds/etc, house repairs for buyer,  new 'do and some new wardrobe pieces, a plan for decorating and landscaping.  Yep, I'm a little tired.


  1. It's a big change from Oregon. A little humidity renders me useless.

    It takes a while for our brains to catch up and figure out how it all works now.
    Hope it all settles down a bit in the next few months.

  2. I've lived high temperatures and humidity - it's a rotten combination and will sap you the first year. So yes, simple and flowing - and if you are sewing your own, you won't feel energetic enough for complicated sewing. I think you will soon toss the belt in this dress - I just used to wear empire lines, shifts, all loose and flowing. Rayon, voile, hankerchief linen, that sort of thing.

  3. I'm so happy to hear that Woodrow will join you at summer's end! You sound very busy, juggling a lot of stuff. But how exciting. Your description of nature's upcoming phenomenons is wonderful.

    Bet your hair is cute. Temp and humidity - I hear you! After almost 40 years in south Florida, I am very acclimatized, but as Sarah Liz said, the first year of humidity was a challenge. My mom came from North Carolina to help me with my move (from New Jersey) but was absolutely unable to do anything but direct! But I love the weather...

    Hope all continues to go well. Thinking of all of you!

  4. Congrats of course on sales and purchases and how exciting Woody is going to AZ. Lucky guy.
    As to heat and humidity, I grew up in Ma and summers are plenty hot and sticky, but nothing prepared me for TX and after 6 years there I may have acclimated, but I sure hated it weather wise and I never got use to Christmas without snow and Santa's in shorts. But I know it will be a perfect place for you two and weather be damned! :)

  5. You sound like you are taking a sensible, realistic approach to the new climate. When Maryland had the terrible summer of heat and humidity two years ago I stitched up five versions of Vogue 7823, a Sandra Betzina bias dress. I made them in linen and a medium weight fine cotton and absolutely love them for the temps and humidity you mentioned. There's still linen in my stash and I plan on a few more this summer. So thrilled to hear that both Woodrow and Nick will be joining you. Congrats on the sale and the juggling that's going on right now. I'm seeing my future happening vicariously with each one of your posts....without the horses, that is:-)

  6. Glad to hear things are shaping up for your move. I admire you living in such a hot climate. No way could I deal with it, especially during monsoon season. I hope things continue to progress as you'd like, as you prepare to move.

  7. Oh Wow! You sound terribly busy and monsoon weather! I don't know if I ever could survive in a high temps/ high humidity climate.Loose flowy clothes are my uniform on hot summer days.

  8. Sounds like you are handling things GREAT! and already thinking ahead about your new lifestyle. Look forward to seeing your new 'do' and new clothes.

  9. When I lived in Albuquerque you could almost set your watch by the afternoon obset of the monsoons. Loved those storms!

  10. On wardrobe, in addition to living in Abq, I worked as a field geologist in the Mojave and Chiricahua deserts in the summer months, and at times out of Las Vegas. Really, it's just a complete blast furnace, takes your breath away, frankly. I had to leave my canine field companion in the hotel with air conditioning. Wear loose clothes, light colors, and I'd recommend long sleeves to protect your skin. I used to wear men's long-sleeved shirts, but I know you won't be doing that, of course... I think you'll find that you'll adapt your schedule to be active early and late, and mid day you'll be indoors with the AC.... if that's what happens what you wear won't be quite as critical. Best wishes....


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