Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Variations on a theme

I have a biology degree, and spent years studying variation and natural selection.  Variation drives change in a species and has been called the substrate of evolution.

I look at photos such as the one below and while I see the differences, I also note how each shell is similar to the next.  What details do you focus on?

Here is another example:

Each blouse is from V 8906, a newish pattern.  The envelope art is a bit off putting to me, but I love the fitted look.  For whatever reason, I decided to try it in a corduroy and you can see my gritted teeth in the photo!  Next up was a turquoise and purple shot cotton=yummy. Finally, I tried it in a B/W floral linen (which I think is from JA) and while the fabric has a few teeny flaws, I love the flow of this fabric in this pattern.

Each blouse follows the basic plan of V 8906-slight peplum effect from darts, a sleeve which is cut on (magyar sleeve) and a V neck produced when buttoned.

Variations: fabric thickness, sleeve length, number of buttons/snaps, width of each dart, number of darts.  The red blouse was sewn almost completely as directed, the blue has smaller darts, and the B/W has darts only in the back.  Of all of these, I think the 3rd is my favorite, with #2 close behind.

I love the IDEA of the strongly darted blouse, but I am too short waisted to make it work.  Better to go for a variation, and let natural selection "choose" the best adapted.


  1. Nice Mary -- I like the corduroy! Great color and unusual fabric choice makes it more of a statement piece. Nice fitting on all 3.

  2. I like your tops, Mary...all of them! I have this pattern awaiting my attention.

  3. I like them all, but the black and white one the best

  4. Interesting! My fave is the blue - but I think you look so pretty in blue. All three are soooo much prettier than the envelope pic!

  5. The envelope picture isn't the best, is it? As a matter of fact I passed it right by because of the photo. Your tops are far nicer.

  6. I like the neckline. A rounded vee.
    so flattering.

  7. The fabric choice can really change an item so much. I like the black & white one the best. I really like the neckline too - very flattering.

  8. I like them all but you look lovely in the red Mary, a colour I dont think Ive seen you wear before. After seeing your designs, it has made me look at the pattern again, which didnt previously grab my attention.

  9. Hi Mary - Yes, I can see the corduroy is a bit stiff for you - the pattern picture looks quite structured as well. But your variations in the softer fabrics do work well. Interesting analogy your have proposed.


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