Tuesday, October 8, 2013

hello again

This is so not true.  My life has been galloping along, kind of out of control.  Add to the usual mix of house stuff, yard stuff, pet stuff, we all got hit with political stuff!  How do I feel about that? Why ruin a good blog with that discussion!  You can look me up on Facebook to get my take on these events and in the meantime, this is how I feel ...

Mr. Biblioblog and I went camping last week on the Oregon coast and wow, did we have nice weather.  The temps were around 70-75F.  It was amazing.  If you look back through this blog, you'll see our vacation pics from years past.  We are dressed like Arctic explorers when at the beach.

I'm happy to be at home now, and ready to get involved in the PR Jacket contest.  Now, I don't stand a chance of winning, but I am still playing along.  Here is what I am making-View B with the rounded yoke.  I'll add in pleats rather than gathers.  I'm using a recycled hemp/linen blend which has a tweedish grey cast flecked with colors.  The lining of the torso will be this rayon and I have some plain navy lining for the sleeves.  The pattern does not include a lining pattern, and so I will draft my own.  Having never done this before, I've started gathering hints and tutorials in order to have some background.   I'm excited to be sewing after a week's break, and looking forward to what I can do to make this plain coat stand out from all the other wonderful jackets submitted during the contest.

Some ideas rattling around include: silk screening the yoke, hand stitching along the seams of the yoke, adding piping, changing up the pockets to make them more distinctive, using a small amount of contrasting fabric for the undercollar and the sleeve cuffs, using selvages somewhere.

I'll keep you all up to date, with more news about Bandit, little Nick, big Nick and Woodrow.  and of course, the wonderful Mr. Biblioblog.  


  1. I miss the muppets.

    I like your idea of idea of adding piping - flat piping.

  2. Welcome back. I agree its great weather at the mo, here in the UK the weather has been hot considering its October. Good luck on the competition, I like the pattern , that round back yoke is different, Im looking forward to seeing it made up.

  3. I think your fabric will look wonderful. Silk screening sounds like an awful lot of fun. I have never done it.
    I have a whole book on making linings Mary, if you have a question, holler. I'd off it up but with the Dad frock coat looming and its slippery silk lining, I'm keeping the book close, just in case....
    Some days I feel like I live with the muppets, but I miss them too, along with a functioning government...;)

  4. Oh, that is some lovely fabric you've got lined up for that project. Sounds like you were in luck with the weather while camping. I know only too well how unpredictable things can get on the West Coast!

  5. Love your pattern choice, it's a great pattern. I sewed view B last year, but with the gathers and a partial lining, in fleece. Not blogged yet (waiting for winter ? weather). Beautiful fabric. I'm on the living room floor today taping together my downloaded jacket pattern for the contest and watching TV. Kind of fun.

  6. Yes, your political situation is interesting at the moment. As is the entire global situation. Let's distract ourselves with some sewing :)

    I love your ideas Mary - This will be a lovely coat - it's not that hard to make a lining so I am sure you will manage that well.

  7. Best wishes on your coat and the contest. . Love the fabric.. Happy sewing.

  8. Honest. We just had dinner with friends. As we were going our separate ways in the parking lot, we were all trying to articulate something about a local politician, the other guy said "Like the muppets. You know the ones. The old guys in the balcony." And now I see them right here! Thanks, Mary, for the chuckle. I'll be interested in your coat project. I made one some years ago, and I can't imagine figuring out how to adapt the pattern pieces for a lining. I hope you'll make notes -- and share them! I really like that curved yoke, too.


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