Monday, July 8, 2013

no takers

Last week's giveaway didn't garner any takers, so this pattern will go in my donate bag for a community center.  

In other news, I'll be traveling this week and won't be writing.  I'm  excited about some time with family and friends, and a chance to catch up on some reading.  See you later on!


  1. enjoy your travelling and family gathering.

  2. A weeks travelling - lucky you! Enjoy the change of pace. I have this pattern and have made it up twice, both times in summer weight fabric. The fitted yoke was easy to 'shape' to my shape, though I recall it was a bit too long for me. Keep it, and maybe try it out - it would be a great summery go-to pattern if you ever need it...J

  3. Enjoy your traveling.. Sounds fun.
    I too, have this pattern, and never made it? I should have, but just have too many patterns,ha.

  4. Enjoy your travelling and happy holidays, Mary!

  5. Happy journey! Looking forward to your traveling update when you return!

  6. Actually, I am catching up my blog reading. If you want to send me the pattern, I would be happy to make it up! I just saw your version and I love it!


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