Saturday, July 6, 2013

Freebie Friday and my definition of beach wardrobe

oops, it's Saturday!
As always, if you are interested in this giveaway, comment below BEFORE midnight Sunday, and I will pick a random winner on Monday morning.

This week I am offering a wonderful skirt pattern B 5041 which has a circle skirt or a gathered skirt, a self lined yoke, and a sash.  The skirt requires a zipper, of course, as it has a fitted yoke.  This pattern is unused, as all of my giveaways are, and is in sizes 16-22.  I know I had good intentions of using this pattern, and planned for it at least twice.  I have a wonderful stash of rayon challis which would be wonderful with such a voluminous design.   

For those of you wondering about sizing, here is a quote from the Butterick site:
  • For Skirts, Pants, Shorts, and Culottes, select size to correspond with your Waist measurement. Adjust the Hip, if necessary. If your Hips are much larger than your Waist, select the size closest to your Hip measurement and adjust the Waist.

A size 16 is approximately a 30" (76cm) waist and 40"(102cm) hip.  I have used a size 16 for skirts and found it too big, even though that is the size indicated.  My intuition tells me that even though I could alter this skirt to fit me, there is too much fabric for my height.  I have made gathered skirts successfully before, but the length needs to be shorter.  This is as low as I can go. :-)

I need to explain what I mean by beach wardrobe.  I had a few comments lately that showed surprise at the knit tops and skirt, and dress.  I'm not making resort wear, or stuff that you might wear to play on the beach.  I'm making clothing for living by the beach-clothing which covers me from the elements, and is pretty, airy and inexpensive.

The skirt on the right is a travel or beach skirt.   It is easy care, it's light and airy, it can go to town if needed.  My husband and I travel in the winter and spend a few months in the desert and then a few months in Mexico.  While we camp on the beach in Mexico, I still need clothing which I can wear to the store, dinner or a meeting.  I want to wear clothes which are similar to the residents, who are usually poor.  The tops, skirts and pants I have been making are inexpensive, easy care, loosely fit, and perfect for living by the Sea of Cortez.  

Have a wonderful weekend, and leave a comment saying "Hi".  



  1. The big pockets on that skirt look wonderful. It's always handy to have a place to stash something (a detail I tend to overlook until it's too late).
    (Don't enter me in the giveaway, please.)

  2. That is a cute outfit, perfect for a casual beach day. I don't need the pattern, but thanks!!

  3. This is just great summer outfit! Leaving 'by the Sea of Cortez' I would make the same sort of cloths :-) - you are lucky woman!

  4. Hi! I already have that pattern, so you can leave me out of the drawing, but haven't commented lately... too much reading quickly on my ipad... but wanted to say that I love following along with your life, horses, travel, sewing. The whole thing. and I also do like the minimalist look. And I also truly appreciate your thoughtful comments on my blog.

    And oh... I'm loving your beach wardrobe, and just a wee bit jealous! ;)

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  6. I like the outfits, and I also like the blog layout. I'm afraid that the freebee wouldn't work for me, though. :-)

  7. Hey,LOVE the outfit, just perfect for wintering in warm places. And perfect for wearing now too!

  8. That is such a pretty skirt on you Mary. Don't you love a nice cotton easy skirt for summer?


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