Friday, July 5, 2013

black and blue-fabric, that is.

I have been working through my stash---and sewing my beach wardrobe.  When these two goals coalesce, I get a double benefit.  Here are some examples of stash sewing for the beach:

 Tops in a soft sweater knit using NL6838; the skirt is S4951 using a lovely cotton rayon blend.  These three pieces will go to the beach with me this winter, I am sure.

The clown pants below are muslins for a soon to be sewn pair of taupe striped beach loungers.  The plan is that the taupe pants will go with almost all tops this winter.  I started with a size small and am now working with xxxs I think.  The pattern is NL6838 mentioned above.


Blues, I got the blues!  To take a break from all these blue hues, I grabbed some black and white fabric from stash, and tried this pattern:

 It is a wonderful little pattern-fast, fun to sew, and easy to wear.
For more info, if desired, go to PatternReview and read all the details: B5815 review

In other news, my yard project continues and I now have two people hired to help me.   One will be continuing every two weeks, and I am so grateful that I can afford to hire him.  His energy and muscle is sorely needed (pun intended).

Finally, feedback requested on this minimal blog design.


  1. really lovely tunic, enjoy your yard work

  2. LOVE your hair; not a big fan of the current blog design. Don't mind the white; I just think it needs a better header.

  3. Wow, you dress up for the beach more than most, I think! You look great in all these outfits.

  4. I like all of your outfits too! Especially the black n white one!

  5. Wow, you have been sewing up a storm! It all looks great, and ha ha for the clown pants!
    Hee also for the spare keyboard. I'll stop by! :)
    I like this blog design but agree the header needs to be smaller .
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks for the help on this ongoing blog makeover. I have included one of my photos of Shasta from my front porch-resized it a bit and mooshed it into the header area.

  7. Your beachwear is so chic! The taupe pants sound great. It's a good idea to have one pair per several matching tops, since tops wear out a lot quicker than pants, I reckon.
    I like the new blog design a lot. Minimal is very much to my taste too :) Could just be that I am one big blog dunce, but that "postcard" design flummoxed me, could not work out where to even start. I think if I can't just look at a post in the first click then it is too complicated. Same goes for those "read more" blogs, more often than not I do not ever click to "read more".

  8. All the outfits look wonderful. I do love the sleeves on that last dress! Very romantic.

  9. I didn't realise these outfits were for beachwear - very smart. The tunic looks so smart - much better than the pattern picture - elegant and glamourous.

    Is this the final blog - I like it, but then this is now the recommended thing in web design - plain. Years ago, everyone liked showing off what they could do with all the fonts, graphics etc, but now it's de rigeur to keep things plain and simple, so the message stands out.

    I do like the interactive windows though - they are great fun, sort of like opening a child's xmas calender. I loved them, so probably my inner child likes them. I don't think, as Carolyn says, everyone will.

    PS. The pared back blog will go with your new, light and bright house :)

  10. You will be best-dressed on the beach! I'm partial to minimal design when it comes to blog layout, myself. Less tricks = easier to read.

  11. Love the dress and love the blog design. It's very clean and really highlights the posts.

  12. very nice! Your little black beach dress is perfect!

  13. That B5815 is adorable! I just love those sleeves. It is the perfect casual-chic look for a cool evening at the beach. I like your clown pants, too. `-)


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