Monday, July 1, 2013

bits and pieces of my life

This is just a rambling post, a way for me to clear some thoughts and ideas.

First, I am trying to change my blog layout and colors and am having a hard time with the choices offered on Blogger.  I think I'll have to take time to do my own the meantime, I love the flipcard dynamic view.  It reminds me of the old game Concentration.   What about you, reader?  Do you like seeing the posts laid out like playing cards?

I am tackling a giant job in my yard.  I want to cut back much of the borders-which are filled with 6-8 ft spiny and pokey plants.  My yard is on a hill and part of the work has to be done while standing on a 6 ft wall...with a hard landing if a misstep happens.  I've hired a young woman to help me and we are also hoping to get a pro crew in to do some heavy trimming on the trees.  The young woman is one of my students from years ago...she is now serving an externship at JDH, the juvenile detention facility.  She will do a good job and I know she needs the bucks!  I love building relationships with students as I see them again as adults.

As I slowly work on this gigantic project, I want to keep my focus on the beauty that is already there.  Like this cute container garden.

In other news, Theresa of Camp Runamuck visited me yesterday and we had a great time in the sewing cave.  She helped me set up my serger and I actually serged!!  What a cool machine.  I know I'll love it but right now is not the best time to take on yet another project.  Thanks Theresa, I promise to use it!!  Besides that help, she brought me a belated gift bag filled with goodies.  I turned 59 this year and it was the first time I wanted to ignore my birthday.  Boy, was Theresa ticked that I didn't tell her I had a bday coming up.  What a great friend :-)

a book, a journal, a lovely card,
the Scout and the Archer patterns
already printed out,
some beeyoutiful fabric with
?bees on it
   a rosebush.

~Thanks so much Theresa~

Finally, I will be traveling next week to see my family.  My brother Pete was in the hospital last month with COPD and a heart problem, and now Paul just had a pacemaker put in. Both are doing well and I have gratitude for our access to medical care. Nevertheless, I am concerned and feeling a bit emotional.  Off I go to the big city and perhaps I'll break my fabric fast while there.  

me and my big brother Paul 


  1. Hi Mary, I quite like these dynamic templates - I want to change my own in due course. I guess some people will like the little picture links and some people will like the archive set up instead.

    Happy Bday, even though I realise you are not really having one - and do enjoy your fabric fest - you have earnt it :) Get some really nice new quality stash :)

  2. Hi Mary, Happy Birthday! I turned sixty last fall so I do feel your pain but you'll get over it. Brings home how much we all still have to pack into our lives. Hope you have a good visit with family and, yes, fabric buying can be good for the soul. Peace

  3. Hmm, interesting. Not sure as I love to scan your blog list when I have time!
    What a relief to get some help in your beautiful jungle and I know it's going to be great no matter what you do. As to breaking your fabric diet and pampering yourself on the trip down to family, ABSOLUTELY! And Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. I like the new look. It seems as if you and I are on a similar journey. I too am in need of revamping the blog, adding a new one solely for the business and freshining up Sewing Cafe. Enjoy your time with family and in your garden.

  5. Bon voyage! Hope your brother recovers enough to enjoy his life. I'm not big on changing up the blog so I can't help you with that. I don't like the dynamic layouts, reminds me of advertising or something.

    Are you taking plants out and replanting? The "Drift Roses" send out runners and can be good for hillsides, if you want some small to medium sized shrub roses.

  6. Have a safe journey Mary, and enjoy time with family. Happy belated birthday!!!...Anna

  7. A change is as good as a rest, and I guess with the layout of our blogs we often think about changing them. I like the way you have done this with the cards - does allow for you to see something you may have missed (especially if you follow too many blogs).

    Belated happy birthday - age is just a number. Good luck with your new projects and I hope your family have a speedy recovery.

    Enjoy the city.

  8. that garden project sounds quite daunting but I look forward to seeing the results. I find this flipcard blog layout not very easy to read and am disinclined to click thru the various cards.. happy travels.

  9. Glad to know more about you Mary. Enjoy your time with your family:)
    I nominated your blog on the super sweet blogging award.
    Have a great day!

  10. The flipcard view is fun and dynamic, but it's also a bit impersonal.... opening it directly to something someone has written feels warmer and more inviting to me. Having said that, it did help me find an entry I was interested in and didn't see (since I am newish to your blog). Hope your trip is safe and best wishes to your brothers.

  11. Mary, your container garden is lovely. I know it must be overwhelming to have a big job ahead of you, but you are so right to focus on a small thing of beauty. I live in NYC, in a north facing apartment, with no balcony, and as wonderful as our apartment is, all our plants died when we moved. I may make an effort to get one or two going again, but it was so sad watching them wither away . . . to have not only a beautiful container garden but a whole palette of earth to work with sounds absolutely wonderful. Your setup sounds hazardous, though, so take care! Falls are not welcome.

    By the way, I love serging, aside from the fear I feel whenever that blade comes near something I could ruin! The finished feel it gives a garment (I've not sewn knits with it, only finished wovens) makes all the difference in the world.

    Best wishes to you and your brothers.

  12. You be careful on that wall, OK? Gardening is not supposed to be a dangerous activity. Hope your brothers are improving. And I'm glad you had a little birthday celebration - even if you'd rather not! They happen anyway. ;)

    I'm afraid I don't like the dynamic type of blog. I like to read quickly and hate having to click for more. It just slows me down. Simple is good.


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