Sunday, May 26, 2013

Heading for the beach

Pack the car and grab all the kids so we can drive over to the beach.  What memories!  Now it is a long trip, and we usually go for at least a 3 day weekend, not just the day.

I'm sewing B 5855 view A using some remnants I picked up during PRWeekend.  They are all of the same color family but have different textures and weaves.  I'm calling this my beach tee.
I measured this pattern and found that it has an unbelievable amount of ease.  I normally use a 10-12 for casual tees, but I cut an extra small.  I still have loads of room.  After seaming the panels for the front of the tee, I measured the width and length--->
The panels came together very quickly.  I used an overlock stitch to sew the seams, and then worked from the front to make a faux flat fell seam.  I basically folded the fabric on one of the lines and topstitched.  I then added another topstitching to catch the edges underneath.  The topstitching is very subtle with this ?linen and for that I am glad.  I had to wiggle the lines a bit to stay with the detail in the fabric.  
the flat fell seam runs from the lower left diagonally and parallel to the dark thread
If you "biggify" this photo, you can find the topstitching. :-)

Look how BIG this is.  It is an extra small, and covers my cutting mat.  I"ll sew up the back this evening and plan what to do to stabilize the neckline, and add some shape to it, while still keeping its slouchy personality.
neckline ideas:
a) could bind the neckline with bias from one of the fabrics
b) could make a casing or channel with a drawstring at the neckline
c) turn and stitch
shaping ideas:
a) leave it alone-it might look very cool and boho
b) add elastic to the back
c) add tucks/darts to the sides
d) use a belt and wear this with slim pants

Any ideas you would like to add?


  1. I love that you are working on this top. Love the fabric and appreciate your notes on the pattern, as I have this one too! All of your ideas sound like good possibilities, if you end up wanting to change the silhouette.

    1. I really want to see yours when it is done. Do you have an idea of fabric choices? make sure you cut on the xs line!!

  2. Love your fabric! Stonemountain? I kind of like the thought of a neck binding with one of the fabrics - perhaps stripes cut crosswise (if there's enough stretch) - or diagonally. Your shaping ideas all sound plausible. Here's to beach wear!

    1. It is from Fabrix... musty, packed little shop. Fun place. I am with you on the binding and I think stripes on the bias would look nice. The neckline is stretching when I touch this fabric...and I staystitched. Thanks for your ideas.

  3. What a cool top! I like your idea of a casing and drawstring, maybe slash the CF a few inches. Would be boho and stable at the same time. Whatever you do will be great - make more than one!

  4. This looks very, very interesting. Very boho. I'm definitely voting for some bias around the neck. Turn and stitch would probably not be stable enough.

  5. Really nice fabric, I love the subtle textures and colours. Can't wait to see them.

  6. I love the fabrics you've combined here! It's going to be a really cute airy top.


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