Monday, May 6, 2013

grey skies and grey clothes

Today was one of those days when I can easily lose time.  The weather was somewhat unsettled, and I had a number of little chores to do.  It would have been luxurious to just go back to bed but instead, I got as much done as I could and was even able to curl up with the dogs for a short snooze in the afternoon.

This morning there was only enough coffee for one cup.

Perhaps that is one explanantion for my dreamy day.

I did organize some sewing ideas and plans, and signed up for two classes on Craftsy.  One is Beginning Serging: Machine Basics and Techniques (Amy Alan)  and the other is Decorative Seams: Techniques and Finishes (Katrina Walker).  I am looking forward to working through both of these classes.  The Decorative Seams class is going to be fun and I have bought a few new presser feet to incorporate into what Katrina teaches.  The serger class is something I just need.  I have never operated a serger and don't have a sewing buddy close by for help.  Theresa, of Camp Runamuck, would be happy to help me but she is visiting her folks right now.

Gardening took up the majority of my time today and I was able to clean up one side of the front yard.  Perfect timing-I was sweeping the driveway when the thunder started.  These two photos show most of that part of the front yard, with a small middle piece missing.  My driveway is on the left and my neighbor uses the driveway on the right.  The bare area near their driveway used to be be shaded by three ponderosa pines.  I am still adjusting to their loss.  The plant that looks dead on the upper left is Russian sage, and the other on the bottom right is chocolate or brown fennel.  I'll photograph them when they bloom so you can see them.

I ended my day with a trip to the vet so little Nick could get his anal glands expressed.  yuck. Did you know that dogs who don't clean themselves in that area are prone to build-up?
This is what I wore:
V8859 pants in a rayon blend 
M6244 tee 

I haven't reviewed these and probably won't until I make some alterations.  Both pieces are too big and I am not thrilled with the fit.  I love the comfy feel however!
This is the front of V8876 and I am planning to work on the yoke and connecting front and back tonight. I think I am going to enjoy wearing the dress, and I am learning a lot through this pattern.  I wish I had had the foresight to balance the blue flowers but it will be okay.  It's just a dress, not rocket surgery.

I hope you all have had a good Monday,  Mary 


  1. Sometimes comfy is good. Can't wait to see "the rest of the dress".

  2. I love the soft colors in your garden - very soothing :)

    Also really like the print in your top!

  3. And how embarrassing for Little Nick you mentioned that! I promise when I see him I won't let on like I know. ;) The classes sound great! You are right, I would have been happy to help with the new serger, but my bet is you'll learn what I know and tons more, then you can show me!

    Cute outfit for the vet run, looks fine from here. The dress looks fantastic so far. Boy I could sure use some gardening tips!

  4. Oh, what a fun post. I love your front yard. So different, nice spacing and soft, inviting colors. Your fabric for V8876 is stunning. Wonderful juxtaposition of the flower sizes. Can't wait to see. Hope you end up in love with the V8859 skinny pants...I have 5 pairs now! Cannot stop sewing them, so very comfy. You are very busy...serger class should be great. I was so intimidated by mine that I let it sit on my sewing table for 6 months before I touched it. Scared the phew out of me! Now I love it, pat it with appreciation for all it does for me :-)Loved the pic of you and Jillian...

  5. love the grey outfit, which I find as my hair changes colour is becoming a favourite colour to wear. Been looking at V8876, so looking forward to seeing it made up.

  6. The gardens are lovely, Mary.
    Grey top is FAB!

  7. I love your garden. I've been working on an area of landscaping since November. Hope to have a reveal soon, but I move so slowly in this area. Thankfully, I am making progress though. The print on your new t-shirt makes it special, and I like the details on the knees of your Vogue pants. Comfy makes the day so much nicer!

  8. I sympathize on the gray skies, but you look lovely in the color gray. Nice landscaping. What is that beautiful blooming tree? It looks a bit like a crape myrtle, but they bloom midsummer, so I am guessing it isn't one. I have repeatedly tried to grow Russian sage, but it does not do well in the sauna like weather we have in the summer.

  9. Love ese jardín! con esos colores tan suaves y relajantes... debe ser hermoso cruzarse con esto en el camino de entrada a casa... me gusta mucho el proyecto de vestido que tienes ahora mismo sobre tu mesa de costura... Looking foward...

  10. I'm eager to see your dress- I am nopt sure about the collar on that pattern and just know that you will make it a must for me!


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