Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today my husband and I celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary.  
I love you R.
That you and I, I and you,
this twenty-fifth year after
you stamped your foot, shattered
the glass, and friends, so many dead
or forgotten, applauded in a ballroom
long abandoned, twenty-five years
of Monday good-byes, monthly wars
with stacks of bills, bags of garbage,
frozen gutters, nights filled
with pink medicines, fevered cheeks
on shoulders, the other hand reaching
for the pediatrician's call, termites
chewing, and hours waiting
for the door to open, holding
our own daughter's head vomiting
beer into our own leaking toilet,
that now, as mirrors mark the descent
of breasts, the tub catches silvered
pubic hair and our eyes wear pouches
and hoods, as though expecting rain,
that you and I could smell the salt
of each other, coming together after
long absence, silent, still, staring up
at the darkening ceiling, naked in a house
with empty, orderly bedrooms, the last
of dead roses and discarded boyfriends
tossed out, your hand touching mine,
our breathing slowing,
the wonder of it all.
"Anniversary" by Davi Walders, from A More Perfect Union. © St. Martin's Press, 1999. Reprinted with permission.


  1. Congratulations Mary, enjoy your day...Anna H

  2. lovely poem, and congratulations!

  3. Wow!!! Congrats!! Its a great. Milestone!! Happy for you!

  4. How lovely, Mary...congratulations to both of you!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations to you both

  6. What a lovely poem. :) BIG congratulations times 38 to you both!

  7. Wonderful. Congratulations and hope you and R. enjoy many many more years and moments. xx

  8. Happy celebrations to you both!

  9. What a beautiful poem...and so true.

  10. Congratulations! May you have many, many more years together!

  11. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, Mary and R; and wishing you many many more together :)

  12. Cheers for love, patience, humor, perseverance, courage, caring, forgiveness and laughter. Here's hoping there are many more in the future.

  13. Happy anniversary Mary - hope you both continue together in harmony and health for many more to come.


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