Monday, April 15, 2013

yep, It's Award Time

Ellen, of It's a Sewing Life awarded me with the Liebster Award.  Thank you Ellen...I appreciate this and am thrilled to be recognized.   This award has been passed around to those blogs with fewer than 200 followers, which is true for me.  But I like to think that Ellen gave me the award because I'm "dearest"...that being the English translation from the German.

Here are Ellen's questions for me:

  1. How much time a week/day do you spend on your blog? not enough time when I have something to say and too much time when I have little to say
  2. Do you feel like you need to explain yourself if you don't blog for awhile? hell no, my readers don't really want to know that I've been depressed or sick. :-)
  3. How much time a day to you spend READING other people's blogs? about an hour every morning, then 20 minute segments throughout the day...adding up to an incredible amount of time!  eek.
  4. These awards posts can be time-consuming. Do you cringe a little when you get these kinds of awards? ;)yes, sorry, but yes
  5. Besides reading blogs and writing on your own blog, do you spend a lot of time on the computer? I use the computer for many chores/errands/planning/inspiration.  
  6. Is sewing your primary creative outlet? Yes, but I also have an interest in drawing.
  7. What are some of your other creative endeavors? Cooking, gardening, needlework, riding (if a physical activity could be creative)
  8. Do you join sew alongs? I have done so when I am feeling isolated here in my rural backwater of a town.  It helps keep me from feeling alone or bored.  When I am at my most creative, I work alone and tend to stay offline.
  9. Do you participate in other types of online challenges (sewing or otherwise)? What are they? See above
  10. Do you usually complete these challenges or sew alongs? Why or why not? I'll complete contests on PR because I love to compete even though I have zero chance of winning.  I just like the vibe.  Once a sew along has been going for a few weeks, I lose interest.  If a designer offers a sew along on a blog, I will sometimes participate, but the pace is usually too slow for me. 
I am happy to get this award but I have this awful fear that a recipient I choose will be thinking:

Therefore, I will not be passing on this award.  I love you all, but the liebster stops here.  


  1. Hi Mary, I love the last comment at the end, most of all :). I think I enjoyed all of your answers - as you say, no one wants to read about the internal workings of the dysphoric mind. I haven't passed my liebster on either - not quite sure if I will.

  2. I actually worried about my post as I was going to sleep last night...I'm glad you "got it".

  3. LOL, Priceless last picture and comment. And for the record, you have a wonderful blog and are so award deserving. Now I know I must have a few kicking around here I can send you......;)

    On second thought, why don't I just send you this frickin snow....

  4. Judith from Doobee's sewing blog had a very , very funny post on blogging awards last year some time . I do enjoy reading more about sewing bloggers though . I also admit I do not understand why people apologize if they haven`t written a post in a while - that must suck some pleasure out of blogging if it starts to feel like an obligation.

  5. Hehe, I enjoyed your answers Mary, I too really like reading more about others on these awards, but I baulk now at writing lists of things about myself. I tend to write about other stuff :)
    I agree with you about answer 2. I just don't get it when people write "Oh I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in a while" as if we're sitting out here hanging on every word. Although, if someone has been quiet for months without explanation I do worry about them and then I'm glad to hear that they're OK!


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