Wednesday, April 3, 2013

stormy skies both in and outside

lupine in the rain

We have had a record breaking amount of rain recently which is always a cause for celebration in a desert environment.  Average yearly precipitation here is 13.95 inches and evenly divided throughout the year.  The wettest month is January with  an average of 2.03 inches.  Sunday-Monday this week saw Klamath receiving a whopping 0.91 inches of rain in a 24 hour period.

Puerto Penasco, Mexico

I stayed warm and dry in my new sewing cave
and made great progress on my Butterick vest.  Here is a teaser photo~  I want to take some better photos before showing the complete vest and the inside.  Stats: B 5473 in home dec weight linen.  The color of this lightly textured linen is a blue grey, almost the exact color of the storm clouds over the Gulf of California above.  I used approximately 2 1/2 yards of the linen, some scraps of contrast for binding, and some lace.  Total cost= $31.00 (linen $12/yd on sale).  I'll add in a complete review in a day or so.  

finally, I want to tell you how nice it is to be home and blogging with all of you


  1. Welcome back, Mary! I look forward to seeing your new projects! And it will be great to see you again at Pattern Review weekend. :)

  2. Hi Mary, thank you for this informative post - I love finding out where people live, what the geography is, and so on - that is part of the beauty of blogging. I should send you some of our rain - it never stops in this part of Australia, while other parts are as arid as your climate.

  3. And it's nice to have new posts showing up on your blog!

  4. Your return is so very welcomed! :)

  5. Welcome back, with weather like that you are in the right place. After one of the longest and definitely coldest winters here in the UK we are at last enjoying some sunshine

  6. Rain here too on Monday and such a good thing, we are so below our rainfall amounts this year this side of the "hills". Can't wait to see some more shots of the vest, such a pretty color.

  7. Welcome home! I love reading about your adventures in and out of the sewing cave!

    I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! You can find the details here: ttp://

  8. I love your photos! I grew up in Southern California, a bit inland from the coast, and I remember the jubilation of a good rain. It's a big occasion.


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