Sunday, February 24, 2013

Travel tips

Trailer tip #294: Break up the spaghetti before adding it to the saucepan (which is the largest one that will fit in the storage cabinet).

Traveling in Mexico tip #41: Store your firearms in a facility on the US side of the border.  It is illegal to bring firearms into Mexico, with the exception of hunting rifles etc.

Trailer tip #56: If camped near vendors, it helps to make friends with them.  You can then say "No, gracias" with impunity.

Traveling in Mexico tip #97: Find out where all the plazas are...these are good places to hang out and see cool stuff (like this statue of a giant shrimp). 

Trailer tip #92: Don't buy more than you can store easily for the trip home.
                              And, finally, take time to be with family and friends along the way.


  1. Looks like a lovely and inspiring trip!

  2. Fun! Did you trailer all the way from home to Mexico?!

    1. Coco, we did. We usually travel to the border each winter and this year decided to keep going.

  3. Haha! the ?Ferrari? would look be a pretty cool souvenir :)

  4. Love these tips! Especially the part about relaxing with friends and family.

  5. Good to see you're enjoying your time on holidays. Thanks for sharing too.

  6. Thanks for the tips for a safe and convenient travel in Mexico.

  7. Hehe... Love #92! What a long trip you seem to have taken. It brings back childhood memories of weeks-long road trips. Love it!


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