Friday, November 16, 2012

Nick and Woodrow have a place in my heart

Nick has settled into his new home quite happily, though I will confess that he would prefer NOT to do so much arena riding.  I explained to him that he has entered a new phase of life and he will find joy in it as we go along.

He has a buddy and they spend their days in the richest pasture as both he and the other gelding are lean types.  He is getting hay plus pasture all day, and grain in the evenings.  I've doubled his grain as I have doubled his exercise, and I'll need to add in more feed as we go.
They are good buddies, but Nick is getting pushed around a bit, and I have doctored some of the results.  
I'll try to get some photos this weekend as we ride.  I know you really want to see him in action.  He is doing such a great job and I've been keeping a log of his successes and goals.  

Here is the "old man".

"Hi Mom"

"How about a treat for a good lookin' older man?"
"Maybe if I do my trick you'll give me something yummy"
Woodrow is fat and happy going into winter and he is really enjoying short rides with me, ponying Nick and generally being everyone's favorite elderly equine.     


  1. Wonderful first pic of Nick and who wouldn't find a big place in their heart for such an elegant gentleman as Woodrow! Nick has always been low man, so unless they he is really getting beaten up ( hard kicking etc.), I would say the nips and bites are pretty standard.
    I have found that horses who are not alpha tend to be harder on those omega's since they strive to move up in the herd. The alphas tend to set the agenda and be done with the lower gnats! ;)

  2. What beautiful horses! Nick looks like he is full of mischief.

  3. I can't wait to see Nick in action! I plan to go see my boy on Sunday and again on Tuesday. I'm sure the time will continue to fly by and I'll have him here before long.

  4. Your horses are beauties . They really do have personalities of their own. My youngest daughter has just become interested in riding so our horse who has had it pretty easy for the last couple of years is starting to have to be good and obey commands again - sometimes she can be a bit frustrating but my daughter is now having riding lessons so that has been helpful in teaching her how to be boss of the horse.

  5. Woodrow can't hide his handsomeness even with his tongue sticking out ;-) And it sounds like Nick is beginning to realize that he is Home :)

  6. ohhhh this makes me yearn for riding again - love all the pictures.

  7. lol. I love that last pic of Woodrow.

  8. I just love your stories about Woodrow and Nick. You are so caring and careful in your commitment to them.

  9. What great photos! I love Woodrow's tongue sticking out. Very amusing.


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