Sunday, October 14, 2012

October sewing, gardening, and nesting

I love fall. I love the crisp air, the leaves falling, the wind which rises and falls throughout the day.  I like to watch the squirrels being busy and earnest about storing up for the winter, I love the coveys of quail moving through the yard this time of year, and the deer...well, I actually am not so in love with deer.  There are just so MANY of them.

But I digress.  October is also when I typically start cooking, freezing meals, baking, and doing one or two house projects.  This year I am concentrating on some heavy trimming in the front yard.  Our yard is a bit "wild" and everything is mature.  This means everything is tall, full, heavy, tangled, and not tidy.  I love it but we really need to hire a gardening crew more than once a year.

Besides the yard work, I am going to make some table runners and wall hangings.  I have a wonderful neighbor who is going to help me piece them and quilt them.  I'm excited to learn a little bit about quilting and so grateful for this new friendship.

Last week I shared my new wardrobe plan, and wrote about dithering.  Your replies were so interesting-it seems that each of you fall on one side or the other.  And some who dither get bothered by it also.  That was reassuring to hear.   After I wrote that post, I felt as though a weight had been lifted from me and I was able to access that part of my self which enjoys sewing and enjoys planning also.  I had a productive week.  Here are some items made from the plan.

M 6401 C in corduroy

B 5218 C in a quilting cotton

V 8798 in cotton
I hope all of you are enjoying the change in the season and feeling content in your sewing.


  1. Wow, you were productive! All three tops are really nice, but I especially like the first one - it looks great with that black belt.

    I've been plagued by dithering recently, but this week is ending on a productive note for me, too.

    Good luck with all of your fall plans. It's definitely the best time of year!

  2. What pretty tops! I have some cut out but not sewn yet. You're way ahead of Mr.

  3. How fun to have such a close quilting mentor! I think you'll love quilting, so many options, the sky is the limit. Your blouses are wonderful, each and every one of them. Love that cotton leaf fabric. I agree, fall is my favorite time of year but a close second is winter. I hope it's a good cold snowy one this year :)

  4. These tops are lovely! The optimism that comes with the start of a new season and new plans is certainly a wonderful thing.

  5. Love the tops especially the first one. I agree that a change of seasons brings new and different hobbies, I tend to find myself knitting more in the winter months, dressmaking never leaves me, it's just put on the back burner.

  6. While many people think of Spring as a "new beginning, " I always find Fall to be a time to start things fresh. It means nesting, trying new recipes, comfort food and a new fall wardrobe. Time to settle in with some fat novels, home baked cinnamon buns and anticipation of the holidays.

  7. I've had a week out of the sewing room and I'm itching to get in there, but my mind is going in too many directions- I think I need to...oh dear....make a plan!

  8. You did a wonderful job getting passed dithering. 3 tops are is very impressive way to move on.


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