Saturday, October 6, 2012


dither: dith·er  (dr)
A state of indecisive agitation.
intr.v. dith·ereddith·er·ingdith·ers
To be nervously irresolute in acting or doing.

[Alteration of didder, from Middle English didderento tremble.]

sigh.  It's what I do sometimes.  I am irresolute when I am faced with a variety of choices.  In fact, too many choices drive me to this state.  If you are interested, Google has a great number of articles to read.  I'd cite some, but I couldn't decide which one to read first.  

I'm okay with the important stuff and I have good problem solving skills.  But when it comes to sewing my's an interesting switch.  Recently, I began sewing some pieces for the colder months coming, and was really enjoying the idea of new clothes.  My winter wardrobe needs a little sprucing up.  I sewed V1313, which you can read about here if so inclined.  Great dress, a little fussy to sew, and kinda fancy for my lifestyle.  I thought I'd add in some tops to wear under and over the dress, and what did I do?  I switched over to wovens, and those with bursts of color.  I'm back into summer sewing and loving working with cotton right now.  I will share some of my work in the next week-hang tight.

This flip flopping was bothering me, and I was unhappy to have an unfinished SWAP and a new SWAP  at the same time.  I decided to make a plan, albeit a loose one.  Here it is:

I need these items-I need leggings to wear as fashion tights, as pants with long tunics and as schooling tights.  I need a light vest to wear on the trail while both riding and hiking.  I need woven tops to add lightness and color to my wardrobe, and to wear when riding.  Once I figured out that I needed this clothing NOW, I was cool with my flip flop.  I have a few more months before we are cold enough for turtlenecks and cowls.  

How about you-do you sew with a plan?  If so, do you stay with the plan or allow modifications?

On a totally different tack, have you found PR kinda boring lately, or is that just me?

and on another totally different tack, I changed up the blog roll in the margin.  There may be a new blog or two for you to visit.  These will stay for a few weeks and then I'll highlight some others.  


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I am the Dither Queen. I also think that transitioning seasons can be a challenge. That trail ride vest looks awful cute!

  2. I love that vest pattern too! In fact a lot of those pics are wonderful. It's fun to dither sometimes. I almost always make surprise discoveries if I let the dither become more about trying out choices than worrying about the actual decision. Sew what pleases you!
    As to turtlenecks, I've been wearing them since yesterday. In fact I even considered bring out the heated water bucket for the boys. Cold weather tonight, down below freezing predicted.

  3. I have sewing ADD. I change my mind all the time. We are making the same cold weather patterns. I then got wide tracked making decorations but I 'll get bored and get back to the cowl neck tops

  4. Oh, yes, I struggle with dithering too.

    The SWAP idea is fun in concept but in practice I find I want to try out specific patterns and specific pieces in my stash.

    I am doing a better job of making ensembles, but a cohesive wardrobe will always elude me, I'm afraid.

    BTW, I'm wondering if you have experienced continuing impact from your DOL experience. I followed shams recent experience and yours previously. I don't think they really focus on wardrobes, do they?

  5. I think my sewing name should be Jilly Be Dithering. Not only do I dither around plans, I dither my through virtually every individual project I work on.

    I've decided that this is just how I operate. You DO want me around in an emergency, because I can take action after a quick assessment - no dithering there. But anything creative? I really think I NEED to dither. I may be delusional about that, but for the moment, that's my story.

    Until I change my mind.

  6. Why, thank-you for the feature on your blog roll! Although my other blog probably has more general appeal.... I get to see my new horse on Tuesday, when we go out to give him his second treatment. Color me excited!

    I don't sew, but I do dither about knitting projects sometimes.

  7. Oh dear, I think I am the opposite of a ditherer, which creates its own problems... I am trying to really slow down and only make one thing a week but it's like a drug. I have very firm ideas about what I am going to do next and find it really hard to wait til the start of the new week to get onto each new thing.
    I would love to hear your views on how PR is boring for you now.

  8. I try to sew to a plan, honestly I try, but somehow I never seem to complete it. I get sidetracked and distracted and tempted by great patterns like you've just shown!

  9. I am a ditherer in as much as there is so much I would like to sew but once I start a project I do not stop until it is finished ( or if it is completely hopeless in the bin or recycled ) . There is so much out there in the sewing world so I don`t spend alot of time at PR but have been enjoying the miniwardrobe contest - some really inspiring makes there. ( Actually I really try to balance my time with sewing and blogging and enjoy lots of other things in my life. ) Anyway your sewing plan looks really good - I will look forward to seeing them made up .

  10. Is dithering related to hormones, diet, or just work load? Between my work and personal sewing there is a lot of multi tasking going on which sometimes leads to this dithering you speak of:) I would love to find a trick that would help me focus during these difficult times.....anyone have a tip?

    I like wardrobe planning having started out with a desire to be a sportswear designer...but my wardrobe is well enough established now that I can just add individual pieces in. I had a plan for fall....but need to be doing things for winter already...sigh.

  11. I am not too great at sewing with a plan because I am so easily distracted by other nice things, plus I will often sew things depending on what threads I have in my serger and sewing machine ---- I know how lazy is that, but my recent bra making and top were based on the black thread I had in the machines (no hope for me). Love you storyboard and all the pieces look fab.

  12. I have to sew with a plan...and then I find about twenty seven other things that I want to sew while I'm working out my plan. But, like you, I do sketch, put together a layout and really think about what I need. It's the only way to go!

  13. your thoughts are so timely. I've been out of sorts with my sewing for several weeks and just figured it out yesterday. I was feeling PRESSURE!! I have 3 SWAPS over the last 6 months, none of which have been followed or fulfilled. Then I went and did a fall jacket storyboard - and have since changed my mind about every single thing on it. I don't need jackets! I live in Florida, I wear loose pants and tops, maxis and flowy dresses - what was I thinking! So I smiled my way through your post, and the only plan I have now is to sew what gives me pleasure at the moment!

  14. The fact that you have a style plan is way beyond my skill set. I'm so impressed:)

  15. I can totally relate to your dithering problem! As I get into sewing a plan, I usually find that I need to sneak in something completely unrelated to it quickly to break things up. I guess I get bored easily! I would love to sew ahead of the season- make all of my summer things in the winter, and vice versa. Haven't seen that vest pattern before- will have to check that one out!


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