Wednesday, September 12, 2012

V 8755 redux

I couldn't leave well enough alone.  The first version of V 8755 was so cute, in MY estimation, that I wanted to keep going with it.  Then, the dreaded feedback...

"Is that new?"
"Yes, I finished it last night.  I think it's so cute.  Do you like it?"
"um, uh...well..."

I love Mr. Biblioblog, especially when he is trying so hard to be kind.  I asked you, my readers, to chime in.   Well, actually I just whined a bit and got a whole lot of commiseration and some constructive criticism.

I cut a 6 on top, above the bust line.
I lowered the neckline.
I raised the empire seam a bit.
I added pockets, just because.
I used a drapey rayon blend.
I did not color block.

Here is the conversation while shooting these photos.

"Is that the same pattern as that other one?"
"Yes, it is."  see, I know what's coming and didn't even ask.
I can't stand it.  "What do you think?"
"The fabric is nice but the top still looks, uh, matronly."
"OK, thanks for the photos."

See, this is why we have been married for 37 years.  


  1. Got to love the mouthy photographer. Thats why paparrazi are so awful- it's all the comments! I like it!!

  2. I'm smiling, it sounds like similar conversations here although I doubt DH would have found the word matronly. He often just refers to a top he likes better and lets me figure it out.
    But heck, it has pockets and should be celebrated even if it is just reserved for around the house wear or running errands or say, daily beatings of young silly horses! ;)

  3. It looks like it would be fun to wear! You might try leggings to balance the volume a bit. Actually it looks sort-of artsy.

    I agree with Theresa - any top with pockets is a good top!

  4. I love it well done for trying again, where I may have just given up on the pattern. I especially like the lower neckline it makes such a difference.
    New haircut looks nice:-)

  5. Thanks ladies. Martha, leggings-yes! or tight jeans.

    Theresa, no beatings but maybe some growling.

  6. I love it! Added pockets are such a useful feature too.

  7. The pockets are a really great idea! Where are they situated? I love the fabric too.

  8. Found it! I'm a follower now. :-)

  9. Matrimonial harmony and knowing what the other person is thinking - priceless. Actually I get teenage son to take the photos - he doesn't seem to have an opinion (or at least doesn't voice it). Besides that, I think this is a lovely top.

  10. LOL, honesty is not always the best policy. I think it's a cute top. If you wanted to spice it up you could either shorten it to high hip/peplum length, or wear it with leggings as suggested by Martha.

  11. Actually, I want to comment on your hair which looks great. Another do! Both short like it is now and longer as you have had it are flattering on you. I envy the versatility, and your readiness to try changes.

  12. I think men and women think quite differently when it comes to dressing . My husband would love it if I sewed quite slim, figuring revealing clothing but I would feel uncomfortable wearing such things. I have a clothing catalogue sent out and he ( when he rarely looks ) picks out clothes that I would not wear and on the rare occasions he has bought me clothes again they are figure revealing. Perhaps you should sew a tight little minidress and see what he says - lol. I really like your new top and it is fascinating that the female readers also agree !

  13. oh, now that is just too cute! And your hair? ADORABLE!
    Sometimes I think husbands should just keep their noses out of our closets!


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