Wednesday, July 25, 2012

atencion, por favor

The new Vogues are online and for those of you who have not yet visited...they are also on sale!  Life is good.

As always, the sewing community is divided on the offerings, with many saying they are disappointed and others happily loading their online cart (as this blogger did).  There are some I passed over.  shams, from Communing with Fabric, just posted this photo of Lynn Mizono's tablecloth skirt in dress form.  It's beautiful, and I'll enjoy seeing it on all of you.  But this height challenged woman needs something different to stand out in the crowd.  Here's my first pick:
This is V1313 and it holds a number of details I have been playing with lately.  Insets, no side seams, interesting pocket placement, exposed (or at least visible) zippers and a drop waist.  The waist seam is experimental for me and while I have had one failure already with that style, I am willing to try again.  Did I mention it is a knit?  Oh thank you plan is to make up a muslin in two similar hues.

I picked up two more patterns just because I admired the artistry-
This Issey Miyake car coat (V1320) is fantabulous!    OMG, I just noticed that it's the same model and the same pose. I probably have a girl crush :-) and not admiration for fashion design.
V1318 is a Sandra Betzina design and features a detachable pocket and collar.  I love it for the interesting  fabric, and the details, and the princess seams...always a plus for me.  It has such a Pacific NW vibe and I'm sure I will make this up into something fun.

Get on over if you enjoy Vogue's aesthetic.  You won't find Leave it to Beaver style shirtwaists but you might find a bit of the Jetsons.


  1. I don't wear jumpers, but I think that first pattern is *quite* cute! I love the collar on that Miyake coat, but do not care for the round yoke. (Again, just not on my bust, it's cute otherwise.)

    I also like the detachable bits on the vest.

    It's fun to study the new patterns. And now Vogue has given us extra fun because we can poke at the model poses and styling!

  2. They all look lovely, however I really shouldn't even look at patterns as I have loads I haven't even sewn yet

  3. There are a couple of dresses that grabbed my eye this time round. Though the model poses are entertaining enough by themselves...
    ✿ Judy
    made by J

  4. Mary, you and I must be channeling the same favorites. I'm seeing that dress as a tunic over leggings, since I never wear dresses..I loved the coat and the vest, woo hoo, detachable collar
    how fun! I also liked Sandra Betzina's other offering of the coat with the high collar.
    I think I missed the sale on all of these, so I'll be waiting until the next one to order.

  5. I pinned a few as well, but not the same as yours. I was drawn to the car coat, but decided it had more to do with the fabric than the pattern. The tunic pattern will be great on you I think and in a nice stable knit...comfortable to boot. Looking forward to seeing your fabric choices for that number:)

  6. I can so see you in the drop-waist ziggy dress! Fantastic. I owe you a response on my Burda dress, yes it is drop waist, maybe you can love it up to something wonderful? Meanwhile, this is the season I regret our warm weather...absolutely love coats, agree with you on the Miyake. And lust after a faux fur long vest.

  7. That 1st one is definitely a fun thing. Thats my favorite.

  8. While I am in the kitchen. You post these adorable outfits. I do not sew anymore.. and have never sewn as well as you do.. You have a great eye and gift my friend.

  9. I DO love that coat. Nice selection!


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