Friday, June 1, 2012


I have done a quick check of my closet...and found that my "me made" clothing comprises 82% of what is visible on one side of the closet.  The shelves and cubbies include gardening, riding and "go to the dump" clothing-those are usually discards from my regular wardrobe, and probably most of those are me made.  Participating in Me Made May 2012 this year reinforced my goal of edging ever closer to a wardrobe with 90% or more of hand made items.  

I learned some interesting things while playing along with others during this challenge.  First off, I have enough clothes to last for many seasons to come.  But, I still want to sew new things, and send on my not so wonderful garments.  This is a huge realization for me and has freed me to follow my creativity and inspiration.  Knowing that what I sew from now on is fulfilling an inner need for me, and not a necessary part of my wardrobe is a wonderful feeling.  

Once that insight clicked for me, I started to look at what I responded to in other participants.  I love loose trousers and fitted tops, slim pants and tunics, and for a business casual look--->slacks, tee and a cardi.  I "favorited" many mono-chromatic looks, and realized I was remembering my teacher wardrobe.  I love that look for a serious ensemble.  My everyday choices tend to be much more playful and colorful.  

I thought I had a lot of neutrals in my wardrobe, and I do!  But my spring and summer wear is floral, graphic, bright and feminine.  I like contrast when my skin is a bit sun kissed.  I would say that taupe or white is my warm weather neutral. 

Lastly, I am active in hobbies, interests and sports which are filthy.  So, I tend to change clothes throughout the day, and I found that I "dress down" when tired after working with the animals.  I need to slip on an easy dress, or cute top after showering.  I pulled some items, like the green floral dress, forward in my closet and they are now in weekly rotation.  I also paired the voluminous teal pants with a Goodwill top and now have a nice lounging outfit for home.  

MMM'12 was a wonderful experience and I am really happy I did it.  I was not interested in photographing myself every day, but I did take note of what I chose to wear each day.  That mindset helped me conclude that I am truly sewing and wearing clothing that is my own personal style.

Isn't that what we all want?


  1. Hi Jillian, Thanks for returning to check my blog-I somehow changed things around on the text and then could not undo my mistake.

    Flickr will have an unofficial Me Made group soon-I am going to use it for feedback on styling etc. as PR is not the best place to get quick feedback. I have made some great contacts through the Me Made challenges and hope to maintain them.

    Love your skirt which you posted on your blog today-you look great in a skirt!!

  2. I too have most of my wardrobe "MM". I know what you mean about the less than
    clean hobbies. Most of my not so great clothes, be they crafted here or RTW end up
    for those grubby hobbies.
    The riding is pretty nice out here. Offer's open to take a spin around

  3. Your mm clothing suits you...the green dress you wore Wednesday was cute too...Funny when I change into really (end of the day comfort) My first thought is "my pajamas!"....I just counted,
    I have 6 pair for summer .... think I am set! And if I can manage I am in them by 7 pm...(provided no company or plans for leaving my front porch!


  4. 82% is an impressive figure. I found a link to the MMM12 flickr MMM12 group and really enjoyed seeing all the different outfits. A very impressive and inspiring show of sewing . Good to see sewing is still alive and well.

  5. It sounds like this was a really educational experience! How great that your wardrobe is "complete" and you get to sew all icing if you want to. Fun!

  6. Looks like you were a success with MMM12! It's sorta fun to have to wear what we make. Sometimes I find that i'm still drawn to ready-to-wear and when I did MMMJ last summer, I was actually quite surprised at how little I really needed my RTW! It is a good lesson in what works and what doesn't work in your wardrobe, isn't it?

  7. It seems like I keep sewing, but I haven't made it to the tipping point of me me made in my wardrobe yet. 82% is great, but even more importantly you seem to really know your style and how to make clothes that look amazing on you.

  8. 82% is impressive. I hope one day to be able to quote a statistic like that. Working toward it, certainly. Love your sense of style and your taste in fabrics. It all looks wonderful on you!

  9. That's a great percentage, and well done for using MMM as a way to assess your wardrobe, you really made the most of the month.

  10. What an interesting post, and a great blueprint for figuring out what you prefer to wear, and how you wear your wardrobe. You've given me a new way to look at how I'm wearing my clothes, too, and a new way of looking at them.


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